Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon Reveals Extensive Renovation in 2021

Portugal, Lisbon. June 01, 2021

So much more than a room renovation announcement, this is a serendipitous story that begins in 1959, when the Hotel first opened its doors.

"We have welcomed guests from all over the world here, with most returning again and again, year after year," says Guilherme Costa, General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon. "And given the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, we thought this was an ideal time to carry on the much anticipated vision of the future for this Hotel."

When highly acclaimed Portuguese architecture studio OITOEMPONTO was entrusted in 2019 to breathe new life into guest rooms and suites at the Hotel, design duo Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec baulked at the idea of modernising the classic Hotel. Old photos stirred memories of Artur's former stays in the iconic Ritz, an experience he didn't want to deny to modern guests. Together, the two set about re-imagining the "past for the present," embarking on a journey to evolve the Hotel's roots - in style and substance, aesthetics and ambience - for 21st century visitors.

"It was fascinating to delve into the history of the Hotel - and realise that its essence hasn't changed much in 60 years," shares Artur. "Not only is it an emblematic architectural piece of 1950s Portugal, it also remains at the creative forefront of classic meets cutting-edge. The Hotel has always been very sure of itself, so it's no surprise that it dictated the parameters for this visionary-vintage reincarnation."

Inspired by the Hotel's pure fifties style room #44, the new vibe is authentic yet still pioneering 1950s: a Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon trademark, and while successfully evoking the past, it proudly steps into the present, with each room featuring the most advanced technology for light, vision and sound. Already blessed by the generous balconies, they are now much cosier and perfect for breath-taking views of this beautiful capital.

According to Guilherme Costa: "This is a time of great excitement for the community of Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon. After sixty years of proud existence, we honour our great heritage, maintaining our legendary service and continuing to evolve our offer to make it the most-beloved hotel in the city."

"We have enjoyed a strong partnership with Four Seasons since 1998 and we are delighted to have embarked on this renovation program togethe,r" adds Filipa Queiroz Pereira, member of the board of Hotel Ritz S.A.

From spring 2021, guests will be able to experience:

- Redesigned guest rooms and suites

- A new outdoor swimming pool

- A new outdoor bar

- New terrace of the Ritz Bar

Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon remains open with operations as usual throughout the transformation period and welcomes guests to enjoy its accommodations, ballroom and meeting spaces, CURA Restaurant, Varanda Restaurant the the Ritz Bar, O Japonês and other Hotel facilities including the Ritz Spa, indoor pool and rooftop fitness centre.

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