Citrine Consulting Collective Launches Hotel & Spa Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Assessment

The First Service of Its Kind is Focused on Helping Hotels & Spas Provide a More Inclusive Experience for all Guests

USA, Laguna Niguel, California. August 17, 2021

The Citrine Consulting Collective today announced the launch of its Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Assessment, a new service exclusively for spa & wellness. The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Assessment is an evaluation of a hotel/resort organization's commitment to DEI from the diverse guest perspective and offers a new way for hotel/resort spas to create a safer and more inclusive environment and a better wellness experience for all guests.

"The pandemic has created a need for wellness services on a scale we've never seen before," says Irene Macabante, Founder & CEO at the Citrine Consulting Collective. "More and more guests from every background and ability are seeking out spa and wellness programs that reflect their experience. Right now people want to know where they can go, knowing they'll feel welcomed and safe."

The assessment also includes an Employee DEI Survey to clarify workplace culture climate and identify opportunities for improvement. "Just as guests are being selective about the spa and wellness programs they patronize, team members are also being very discerning about where they are returning to work," Macabante says. "They too have put their mental wellness at the top of their self-care priorities and are choosing to work in environments where they know they will feel included, seen and heard."

Features and benefits of the Hotel & Spa DEI Assessment include:

  • In-depth audit + mystery shop that evaluates branding, marketing, experience, facilities, diversity, equity and inclusion with a special focus on Spa & Wellness

  • DEI Employee Survey that includes research-based survey questions, normative benchmarks, and an interactive dashboard that clarifies workplace culture climate and identifies opportunities for improvement

  • Full evaluation of any digital aspects that contribute to guest (and potential guest) experience

  • Roadmap report with actionable implementation recommendations for improved spa performance & best practices for DEI

  • Optional half-day masterclass Thriving in a Diverse Hotel/Spa for managers and team members where participants learn the basics of DEI, DEI best practices, and how to make wellness travel welcoming to people of all backgrounds and abilities.

The Hotel & Spa DEI Assessment will be available starting August 23rd, 2021, with investment starting at $8000. For more information, visit

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Irene Macabante, Founder & CEO, Citrine Consulting Collective
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