Hotel360 Announces Innovation Award Nominees

At the Excel London on the 28th & 29th September

United Kingdom, Bristol, Gloucestershire. August 20, 2021

The Innovation Awards celebrate those businesses forging their own unique path to success - those who are driving the industry forward and enabling new ways of ensuring hotel growth, ultimately raising the stakes for all their competitors. With 5 awards up for grabs at Hotel360 this year, there is no better time to note the leaders offering their support to the sector with their innovations.

The ever-changing hospitality environment of the last year and a half has not stopped the industry from constantly innovating to better serve its customers. Guests always value opportunities to experience new technology during their stay - to the point where some would forgo traditional features in exchange for this. That is why Hotel360 will be commemorating the creators of state-of-the-art products and technologies that will be shaping the future of guest experience with the Guest Experience of Tomorrow Award.

But beyond the drive to further develop industry practices and shape the future of guest experience, there are other factors necessitating yet more innovation in the industry. With margins understandably precarious, the need has never been greater for ingenious products and services to improve efficiency and profitability for hoteliers. Adapting to unprecedented circumstances is an impressive achievement. Those who have managed to prosper in the face of inconceivable disruption to the everyday running of hotels deserve recognition, and visitors should not miss out on the opportunity to gain their insights. Thus, introducing the Hotel Innovation and Enterprise Award.

There are so many ways to leave your mark on the industry, that is why Hotel360 have nominated the following companies for these various categories:

Guest Experience of Tomorrow Award, at 12:00 on the 28th of September:

  • EasyPMS All-in-One Cloud PMS

  • TigerTMS

  • MyConciergeHotel

  • Virtronix

  • Crable

  • Hygienetech By Osborne Technologies

Hotel Innovation Award, at 14:00 on the 28th of September:

  • CMAC Group

  • Remotelock - SmartLock Europe Ltd

  • Profitroom

  • OpenClean Technologies Ltd

  • Aster International (Sanispace)

  • OE Electrics Ltd

Enterprise Award, at 13:00 on the 29th of September:

  • The Awning Company

  • EZISAN Ltd

  • MissingX UK

  • Ascetic Aesthete Perfume Creation

  • FeverCheckerPro

The awards will be presented at Hotel360 on the 28th & 29th of September at the ExCeL, London by an esteemed judging panel from various hotel groups. Join them and take advantage of the face-to-face networking opportunities and gain 1-2-1 advice from the innovators leading the way for the progressive hotelier.

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