Travel Media Group Releases Social 2.0

USA, Maitland, Florida. March 16, 2022

Travel Media Group is proud to release Social 2.0, a significant update to their Social Media Solution. TMG's social solution is a one-stop-shop for all hoteliers' social media needs - from creating to posting to managing content. The update streamlines hoteliers' experience on the platform and optimizes their time.

“We have been providing great social content to our hotel partners for years. This version of our social media solution is all about creating a better connection between content creators and hotels. The connection allows individual properties and management companies a way to approve posts a week at a time, add notes, media, and relevant links. The end results are posts that resonate with guests and hotels that are engaged with social without having to spend hours managing it,” commented Jason Lee, VP of Product Development and Technology, on the motivation behind the updates in Social 2.0.

Travel Media Group continuously pushes for innovation and is constantly at the forefront of new developments in the hospitality digital marketing space. The Social 2.0 update is an essential part of TMG's goal to ensure TMG partners receive the latest and greatest solutions that save them time and money. Key features of Social 2.0 are detailed below.

New Pages

Hoteliers can schedule posts to be published on all connected accounts on the new publishing page, access and manage social statistics for all connected accounts on the analytics page, approve and edit posts, as well as interact with the post creation process with the custom posts page.

Media Gallery

Social 2.0 clients can add photos and videos to the social gallery and filter photos by categories and tags to find the perfect image to post. Photos added to posts can be automatically added to the gallery so they can be easily found again in the future.

Post Planner

It's easier than ever to see the whole week of posts and interact with them. Hoteliers can easily change their view from weekly to monthly. The planner can be accessed on the Publishing and Custom Post pages.

Custom Post Process

All content is created for a full week at a time and can be approved all at once to save time. All content is audited by our internal team before posting, and custom content will be boosted.

To learn more about Social 2.0 and its capabilities, please visit our website or reach out to get a demonstration.

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