St. Julian Hotels and Residences Announces Board of Directors

BLLA’s Founder, Frances Kiradjian, Named to Board of Directors

USA, Los Angeles, California. March 16, 2022

As the hospitality industry rebounds from the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the world's most influential hospitality leaders have joined the board of St. Julian Hotels and Residences, an ultra-luxury brand that will redefine luxury hospitality.

"St. Julian Residences will combine the uncompromising service and quality of the world's best hotels with the flexibility of vacation rentals, offering differentiated luxury for discerning travelers," states Dr. Jeffrey Obomeghie, the renowned hospitality leader (also known as Dr. Jeffrey O), who is CEO of St. Julian Hotels and Residences.

St. Julian properties will offer extraordinary spaces located in top destination markets such as Miami, Honolulu, San Francisco, New York City, Maui, Paris, Rome, Santorini, and others. These exceptional properties will operate at the intersection of luxury, superlative customer service, and technology. The flagship St. Julian Hotel is expected to open in December 2023 at a projected development cost of $120 million. "We will franchise only extraordinary properties that are aligned with our obsessive focus on service excellence," says Dr. Obomeghie.

The directors of St. Julian Hotels and Residences include Horst Schulze, the co-founder and former president of the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, Dr. Jeffrey O, president of the International Hospitality Institute, Filip Boyen, former CEO of Forbes Travel Guide, Leticia Proctor, Executive Vice President at Donohoe Hospitality Services, and Frances Kiradjian, Founder of the Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association.

"I am proud to serve on the board of St. Julian alongside these industry titans," says Dr. Obomeghie. "Horst Schulze has a winning track record; he co-founded the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, ranked as the number one luxury hotel brand in the world, and founded the Capella Hotel Company, ranked as the number two hotel brand in the world. Leticia Proctor, Filip Boyen, and Frances Kiradjian are globally respected hospitality leaders."

About St. Julian Hotels and Residences

St. Julian Hotels and Residences is a luxury hospitality development company based in Dallas, Texas. To learn more, visit For media inquiries, email [email protected]

Creating the future of luxury hospitality.
Gathering some of the world’s most exceptional hospitality leaders - St. Julian Hotels and Residences
Shifting the status quo of hospitality - St. Julian Hotels and Residences
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About The Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association

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