BLLA Welcomes Hybrid Hospitality Pioneer Edyn to Its Prestigious Hotel Program

11 Boutique Hotels in Europe Join the Boutique Community

USA, Los Angeles, California. April 12, 2022

Pioneering European hospitality group, edyn, joins BLLA's distinguished program for authentic boutique and lifestyle hotels. edyn's Chief Development Officer, Eric Jafari, joined the Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association as an Advisory Board member for 2022.

Through BLLA's vetted application process, edyn's lifestyle aparthotel brand, Locke, was accepted into the exclusive program, including:

Beckett Locke - Dublin, Ireland, Bermonds Locke - London, UK, Buckle Street Studios by Locke - London, UK, Eden Locke - Edinburgh, UK, Kingsland Locke - London, UK, Leman Locke - London, UK, Locke at Broken Wharf - London, UK, Schwan Locke - Munich, Germany, Turing Locke - Cambridge, UK, Whitworth Locke - Manchester, UK, Zanzibar Locke - Dublin, Ireland.

BLLA's Founder & CEO, Frances Kiradjian, and Partner & COO, Ariela Kiradjian, are honored to welcome edyn and Locke to the boutique community. "We could not be more excited to include all of these incredible boutique properties into the BLLA family and be promoted as a cherry-picked hotel on our StayBoutique booking site which follows a direct-booking procedure and chat feature for travelers," stated Frances Kiradjian. "Locke properties truly embrace that boutique ethos in the UK and Europe, and we look forward to their future expansion."

"We are also thrilled to include Eric Jafari on our 2022 Board of Directors. His distinctive insight into development of incredible European boutique hotels and concepts will be highly valued by the BLLA membership-at-large," stated Ariela Kiradjian who leads the BLLA Board and Committees.

Eric Jafari, who started his first term on the BLLA Board of Advisors states, "I'm thrilled to join the BLLA Board of Advisors alongside so many esteemed members of the boutique hotel movement. For me, I consider boutique hospitality as a form of multi-sensory art, which aims to democratise experiences and redefine individuals' perceptions of the world; that's our ambition with Locke, where each property is a unique and genuine reflection of its surrounding neighbourhood."

edyn will unite with the best in boutique to continue the global mission of BLLA:

To counteract corporate monotony and champion creativity. To forget the forgettable and forge the once-in-a-lifetime. To break down doors and link the most brilliant minds in the industry. To build on our now 10-year legacy of reimagining the multifaceted future of boutique -- together.

About edyn

edyn is a pioneering hospitality group that is revolutionising the extended stay sector. edyn was built on the philosophy that travel should be a rich journey of discovery, providing unique experiences that inspire, whether travelling for business or leisure. For more than 20 years, the group has expressed this vision through the development of a unique and diverse portfolio of properties reflecting the evolution of the travel and hospitality industries. The group operates an extensive range of properties across the UK and Europe, including its iconic lifestyle brand Locke, and Cove, which offers serviced apartments for the modern traveller. Together, alongside an extensive network of partners around the world, edyn has a created global ecosystem consisting of more than 80,000 sites in 260 locations.

For more information, please visit:

Beckett Locke - Dublin, Ireland
Bermonds Locke - London, UK
Buckle Street Studios by Locke - London, UK
Eden Locke - Edinburgh, UK
Kingsland Locke - London, UK
Leman Locke - London, UK
Locke at Broken Wharf - London, UK
Schwan Locke - Munich, Germany
Turing Locke - Cambridge, UK
Whitworth Locke - Manchester, UK
Zanzibar Locke - Dublin, Ireland
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Frances Kiradjian
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