A New Affordable Air Filtration Solution for Hotels With PTAC Units

Introducing The RZ Airflow

USA, Burnsville, Minnesota. August 02, 2022

RZ Industries®, a US-based air filtration company since 2010, recently released a first-of-its-kind patent-pending solution to indoor air filtration, the RZ AIRflow®. The patent-pending RZ AIRFlow is the first-ever HEPA air purifying filter powered by PTAC units. The RZ AIRflow offers hotels that utilize PTAC units for heating and cooling an affordable, high performing air purifying solution that requires minimal maintenance.

Since the onset of the pandemic, more attention has been brought to air quality and the benefits of proper air filtration. According to the AHLA "State of the Hotel Industry Report", hotel cleaning and hygiene practices rank second in priority only to price when guests are selecting a hotel. While many hotels have enhanced their air filtration systems or integrated standalone purifying products into rooms, the best performing options are often a high-cost product and not realistic for purchasing in large quantities.

Costing just $.23 a day over three years, the RZ AIRflow easily attaches to the top vents of the PTAC and purifies up to 99.97% of viruses, allergens, and odors pulled in through the PTAC unit down to .3 microns. It admits no added noise or power and offers replaceable filters that last up to 6 months of continuous use. Hotels that have tested and used the product have found:

  • Odor complaints were eliminated
  • 88% of guests who used the AIRflow felt a noticeable difference in their room's air quality.
  • On average, users would spend $15 to use an air purification product like the RZ AIRflow

"Throughout my life, I've stayed in a lot of hotels and motels. Frequently I'd go into a hotel room and there would be a musty smell or dust. Then my allergies would start to act up. I started wondering why and I figured there had to be a solution," says RZ Founder and CEO Steve Torbenson. "After a lot of prototyping, we landed on a very durable frame that holds a HEPA filter and three active carbon filters on top of the PTAC vents to reduce odors. The design is seamless and blends in with the PTAC so it's a clean look with very powerful performance that dramatically improves odor and air quality issues."

With a cost of $64.95, the RZ AIRflow is a high powered, affordable air purification solution that allows hotels to transform their guests' air quality without some of the hassle and barriers that a standalone air purifier may present. The RZ AIRflow is now available for hotel business orders.

Visit RZAirflow.com/Managers to learn more and to try a sample starter kit for your business.

The RZ AIRflow is designed to fit all PTAC units manufactured within the past 10 years.
RZ offers marketing materials to communicate your hotel's dedication to guest health and clean air in hotel rooms along with staff education.
Install within minutes to the PTAC vents. Filters last up to 6 months of continuous use.
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About RZ Industries

Business Contact:

Kalyn Waters
RZ Industries
T: +1 646-530-4622
E: [email protected]
W: http://www.rzairflow.com/managers

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