BLLA Launches The 2022 Boutique Hotel Marketplace Catalogue as A Resource for Boutique Hoteliers

This is The First Annual Edition of The Book Which is An Expertly Curated Catalogue of Vetted, Leading Solution-Providers to Boutique Hotels

USA, Los Angeles, California. August 04, 2022

The Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association (BLLA) invites the community to sift through a sampling of the 2022 Boutique Hotel Marketplace Catalogue, Curated by BLLA, which is being sent out to all hotel members.

All businesses listed are BLLA members in good standing that have gone through an application process and have been vetted for the boutique hotelier.

The partners and vendors are categorized within relevant fields, including Technology Partners - Design - Financial, Legal, Insurance - Creative, Marketing, PR - Food & Beverage - Management, Development, Real Estate - Consultants, Advisors - Various Other Categories.

As the official organization for boutique hotels and businesses since 2009, the Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association was formed to strengthen, empower, enlighten, and advocate for an evolving community of daring pioneers who celebrate and embody the boutique lifestyle.

To apply for membership in the global BLLA network, please visit this page. Please reach out to the Membership Team at [email protected] with any inquiries.

The 2022 Boutique Hotel Marketplace Catalogue, Curated by BLLA may be updated intermittently prior to the 2023 version being published next summer.

Introducing the 2022 Boutique Hotel Marketplace Catalogue, Curated by BLLA
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About The Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association

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Frances Kiradjian
Founder & CEO
BLLA (Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association)
T: +1 818-883-4363
E: [email protected]

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