Capsolve Announces Customer Relationship Management Research for Hotels and Restaurants

Who Knew Hotels and Restaurants Had This Many Choices When it Comes to Communicating With Their Customers

USA, Bradenton, Florida. October 03, 2022

Capsolve announces the completion of a new research category covering Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for our focal industries. This category consists of numerous vendors of all sizes and is classified as Small based on the number of vendors it contains.

The research identified four primary styles based on self-contained CRM solutions, including stand-alone solutions and those affiliated with a Hotel PMS, Restaurant POS or similar system. While Capsolve's overall research covers CRM modules that are part of a more comprehensive system, these solutions are not part of this analysis.

Multiple countries were represented by at least one vendor located within their borders. The dispersion across countries was found to be Low and is influenced by the size of the category. Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States led the array of countries with the most vendor headquarters.

As it relates to buyers of CRM software, the needs most serviceable with the vendors' software products include managing Customer Information and selected aspects of inbound and outbound Marketing combined with various Communication Channels. The products in this category are specifically designed for the industries they serve and provide a significant array of features to address an increasing set of capabilities. Capsolve defines the requirements complexity level of this category as Medium.

An introduction to this research in the form of a Market Summary is accessible to the marketplace at on the Research page. Our category classification system is also explained for your reference. If more information is needed, you may find a comprehensive view of the category research in the full version of the report as part of Capsolve's Introductory Research Plan.

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