Meet The Nominees for The Hotel & Resort Innovation Expo Industry Awards

United Kingdom, London, England. October 10, 2022

At the Hotel & Resort Innovation Expo, we have paid a special tribute to the most creative and innovative solutions across the industry and we want to celebrate those that are putting innovation at the forefront of their company. Held to recognise the companies transforming the sector, Hotel & Resort Innovation Expo will be presenting industry awards, a celebration of the innovations, services, and solutions that have made an outstanding impact on the world of hotels over the past 12 months.

2022 Industry Awards…

1. Guest Experience of the Year

This award celebrates those who are putting guest experience at the forefront of their innovations.

As the leading indicator of quality service, an exceptional guest experience encourages your visitors to return and entices new ones to come and see what you have to offer.

A guest's experience begins from the moment they book to when they check out, one company that is making this normally stressful experience easier is ElektraWEB Hotel Management Software. Nominated for their cloud-based hotel PMS and suitable for any type and size property, this business wants to make a guest's life simpler for less.

Innovative technology is key to progressing in the industry but how does that impact guest experience, our nominee Duve provides a holistic guest management platform that boosts hotel revenues, including contactless check-in, a multi-channel communication hub, a guest app with an integrated upselling system, and much more.

But the way to achieve guest satisfaction is not just top-rate software, Spacefeeling, believes that every space has its own uniqueness and value. By enriching the atmosphere with incredible design and ecological approach, they are crucial to how a guest interacts with the space. We nominated them for their innovative design and influence over interior design in the hospitality and commercial industry.

2. Hotel & Resort Innovation Award

The following is awarded to a product/service demonstrating outstanding quality, functionality and innovation in the hotel sector. It celebrates those bringing new life to the everyday running of hotels and whose products/services will serve hotels for years to come.

Innovation has the capacity to transform the hotel industry, but sometimes it is hard to keep up with new trends and tech. Helping the hospitality industry drive forward into the future is our list of nominees.

With sustainability in mind, travel partner and mobility operator, Ottr is in pursuit of a greener tomorrow, providing hotels with bespoke micro-mobilty solutions for the sharing of electric bikes & electric scooters.

Transport innovation is fast and ever-changing and despite the growth of city populations, parking facilities remain underutilised. Nominee ParkBee is a tech platform for parking, making off-street parking locations digitally accessible to consumers. Their solution provides consumers with a wide and dense network of off-street parking spaces, whilst helping cities to make better use of space with their smart and innovative platform.

Revolutionising access to power is PowReady, providing an innovative, modern and greener solution to solve a large and growing consumer problem. Their network of IoT charging hubs allow visitors to find, rent and return portable chargers across all their points of service, giving guests the freedom to charge on their terms. Offered free to hospitality venues, PowReady's charging hubs help deliver an enhanced guest experience, market partner venues to their users and earn venues passive income from the use of the service.

3. Sustainability Award

The award is for those demonstrating products and systems that promise to revolutionise hotel sustainability through incredible innovation, development and industry-shaking solutions.

This year, the expo will be highlighting exactly what changes can be made to create a more sustainable future. In a world that is constantly evolving, it has never been more important to recognise what businesses can do to help make a positive, lasting difference for the planet.

Tackling green energy head-on is myenergi and their renowned zappi product, the world's first solar and wind compatible electric car charger. Nominated for our Sustainability Award myenergi's mission is to change the world through green technology; providing energy independence, driving a sustainable future, and saving their customers money on their energy bills.

Another business we wanted to highlight with our awards is Mechline Developments, an innovative UK manufacturer of foodservice equipment, specialising in hygiene technology for front and back of house, washrooms, and all hospitality spaces. Their award-winning system, the Air and Surface Sanitiser, will be showcased at the expo. This product is laboratory proven to remove up to 99.99% of airborne viruses-including coronavirus. HyGenikx has helped many hotels and other food service spaces create and maintain clean air environments.

A net zero consultancy, ClearVUE, offers businesses a combination of consultancy services and smart energy management technology. This nominee helps companies cut out energy waste and optimise their energy consumption, leading to improved green credentials, customer engagement and operational efficiencies.

4. Tech Innovation of the Year

This award celebrates transformative technology that is revolutionising the future of the hotel scene, be it through streamlining operations, enhancing the customer experience or optimising profitability.

Technological transformation has dominated the hospitality industry since the pandemic, contactless being a necessity, booking going virtual, guest communications have moved to mobile, and self-service has become standard. In the industry, it is time to innovate and adopt new technologies; at the Hotel & Resort Innovation Expo we are shining a light on these new ideas with our Tech Innovation Award.

Ranked as No.1 Hotel Management System by the Hotel Tech Report 2022, Cloudbeds provides a platform that powers hospitality, drives streamlined operations and increases reservations and revenue. This makes more memorable guest experiences for lodging businesses of all sizes and types across the globe.

Providing innovative ideas for hotel services is Compleo Charging Solutions with a complete range of Electric Vehicle charging solutions to help guests add the right EV chargers in the right place at their hotel or resort. Compleo's software solutions can integrate into a companies existing systems to help them manage their chargers, generate revenue and provide a customer-first experience.

Helping guests experience the hotel before they even arrive is The Virtual Tour Experts they combine the highest quality 360° photography with world-class technology to increase sales and enquiry. This nominee is already award-winning, and their tours cover the globe and include many of the World's leading brands.

Exploring digital technology is Crave Interactive, creating outstanding digital guest service solutions for hotels worldwide. Their solutions, increase sales and reduce costs and are either delivered on in-room tablets, guest mobile, web or kiosk.

These awards are an invaluable opportunity for our visitors to elevate their industry knowledge, and gain an upper hand on the competition. Each finalist will showcase their product or service to a panel of industry giants, making for an entertaining and educational break from the hustle and bustle of the show floor.

We look forward to welcoming you to the prestigious Hotel & Resort Innovation Awards on the 19th & 20th of October 2022!

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