New Book Released That Studies The Science Behind Rising Importance of Wellness Across The Tourism and Hospitality Industries

USA, Orlando, Florida. December 05, 2022

The global wellness industry is currently valued at $4.4 trillion and wellness in hospitality and tourism is one of the fastest-growing travel segments.

After the devastating onset of Covid-19, the importance of health, wellness and well-being topics has increased and many educational institutions, industries, organizations and academics are paying more attention to these subjects. As new academic courses and certificate programs commence, the problem of resources arises. For that reason, this book was written to support the global wellness industry, as well as students and instructors in schools and institutions that offer health, wellness and well-being-related courses.

The first edition of Wellness Management in Hospitality and Tourism is written to be a book for students in tourism and hospitality programs, as well as in culinary and restaurant programs. It is the first text that:

  • discusses and evaluates the design, operation and management of a wellness event in food service, hospitality and tourism businesses.
  • evaluates the implementation of wellness management programs in food service, hospitality and tourism businesses.
  • identifies and describes wellness customer segments within food service, hospitality and tourism businesses.

The authors, Dr. Bendegul Okumus (Associate Professor in the Foodservice and Lodging Department at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management, University of Central Florida, USA) and Heather Linton Kelly (Director of Research & Sustainability at the Adventure Travel Trade Association), started this book project in 2018, before the pandemic, as the topic was considered as a hot topic for the future hospitality and tourism industry. The book was completed in October 2022, tested and developed over several semesters with the input of students and the wellness industry experts from different countries and destinations.

We hope this book will bring a fresh perspective to all wellness industry professionals and students in the academic field and help improve the quality and content of existing wellness services.

The book is available from all good book retailers as well as direct from Details are as follows: isbns 978-1-915097-24-8 Hardback USD135.00; 978-1-915097-22-4 paperback USD55; 978-1-915097-23-1 eBook 978-1-915097-37-8 USD55. It is also available as separate e-chapters from the publisher's website. Goodfellow Publishers are offering an exclusive HotelExecutive discount of 20% on all purchases made before 15th December 2022 - simply enter the code HotExec20 when buying direct at

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