Joseph Cozza Appointed Partner at Cayuga Hospitality Consultants

USA, Sarasota, Florida. May 24, 2023

Cayuga Hospitality Consultants  is excited to announce that Joseph Cozza, based in Farmingdale, NJ, has joined the team of managing partners of the global network of independent consultants. Joe brings decades of experience in executive management roles with Marriott, Cipriani, and earlier career positions with other revered international hotel brands.

"We are excited to welcome Joe and his expertise as a partner in Cayuga," says Katherine Moulton, Partner and Executive Director. "We are confident that his leadership will be a great asset to our members in furthering the value and renown of our group. And his commitment to enhance our client experiences as we continue to grow Cayuga's global footprint and range of consulting services offered will be meaningful to developers, owners, operators, financial institutions, and others across the vast hospitality industry that we serve."

Joe, an expert in catering sales and event operations, is a consulting member of Cayuga, as well. He has a solid history of building and leading complex, quality catering sales and event operations in both hotels and iconic venues. He has a proven record of achieving successful results from his expertise in selling, designing, creating, and executing catering events of all types. Joe's focus is on producing event experiences that are more interactive and meaningful that result in financial success for owners and operators, and loyalty and preference from their customers.

Joe is the recipient of many awards and honors over his career for both industry related and civic and cultural achievements and activities. He is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University with a degree in Business Management and specialization in Hospitality Management. He is currently a member of the Board of Governors for the university and is president of the Alumni Chapter for the International School of Hospitality and Tourism.

Joe Cozza joins Cayuga's managing partners team of:

  • Susan Barry, B2B Marketing and Commercial Strategy

  • Chuck Kelley, Hotel Positioning and Asset Operations

  • Stacy Moore, Foodservice Concepts and Strategies

  • Katherine Moulton, Mediation and Dispute Resolution

  • Stephanie Smith, Hotel Digital Marketing and Analytics

To learn more about the global team of consultants, visit  Cayuga Hospitality Consultants.

About Cayuga Hospitality Consultants

Business Contact:

Stephanie Smith
Founder & Digital Matriarch
Cogwheel Marketing
T: +1 540-239-1052
E: [email protected]

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