Hotel Emporium’s Versa Sofa Is the New Face of Ease and Comfort for Hotel Guests and Staff

Space Optimization Gets a Significant Industry Boost Through the Latest in Conversion Capabilities

USA, Gardena, California. October 19, 2023

Hotel Emporium, the leading direct manufacturer of premium, sustainable hotel amenities, today announces the launch of Versa Sofa, a modern tri-fold hotel sleeper sofa that grants both hotel guests and those in the operational trenches with an experience that is second to none. This launch is especially unique in its nod to the company's history, as Hotel Emporium broke into the hospitality industry through mattress sales.

Versa Sofa is a true standout in terms of the flexibility it brings to any hotel room, all through its breadth of conversion possibilities. A room is easily optimized through its various configurations - Single (chair), Full (sofa), Queen Short (sofa), King Short (sofa) and Otto-Chaise - and model sizes that can easily be arranged to maximize a space. What's more, as the furniture is already in the hotel room, installation is an easy task for housekeeping, reducing time and effort and amping up productivity.

Additionally, Versa Sofa's tri-fold design is exclusive to Hotel Emporium and is developed with guest comfort firmly in mind, not just in the process of installation (which is convertible in three steps) but also in usage - there is no extra mattress, spring coils or cross bars that have been known to hinder comfort, as well as reduce product quality.

Versa Sofa is also extremely convenient in that the configurations come in a wide range of colors and fabrics, so customization with existing hotel room décor is simple.

"Comfort and ease are two things that we hold as exceptionally important at Hotel Emporium, not just for our guests but also for hotel staff and operations," said Andy De Silva, CEO of Hotel Emporium. "We find that Versa Sofa specifically provides both guests and hotel operators with the innovative solutions they need for a truly elevated experience."

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Chelsea Kershaw
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T: +1 909-573-7237
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