M3 Named 2023 Most Innovative Cloud-Based Financial Platform 2023 - North America by Innovation in Business

M3 Is Awarded Most Innovative Cloud-Based Financial Platform 2023 - North America in the 2023 Technology Innovator Awards

USA, Lawrenceville, Georgia. February 16, 2024

M3 Accounting Solutions, Inc. ("M3"), North America's #1 provider of accounting software and services, has been awarded Most Innovative Cloud-Based Financial Platform 2023 - North America in the 2023 Technology Innovator Awards. M3 was recognized among other companies due to its innovative approach, thoughtful strategies, helpful methodologies, and groundbreaking software, earning it the top choice. With over 25 years in business, M3 is used by more than 1,000 management groups, owner-operators, and hotels of all sizes, representing over 8,000 individual hospitality properties and related entities, and boasts a 95% customer retention rate.

M3 stands as the foremost source for back-office accounting, business intelligence, and labor management solutions within the hospitality sector. Its platform operates seamlessly in conjunction with essential systems and tools in the industry, delivering resilient accounting and financial analysis capabilities across entire portfolios. Additionally, M3 provides optional features for operations and time management to enhance its comprehensive suite of offerings, as well as industry-specific and customizable outsourced accounting services.

The adoption of back-office technology by hoteliers has proven highly valuable, contributing to reduced operational costs and enhanced overall efficiency and accuracy. M3 is dedicated to providing hoteliers the ability to consolidate various data points within a single platform, enabling them to obtain precise financial and operational overviews across multiple hotels.

"Numerous hotels have modernized their guest-facing technology while overlooking their back-office technology," notes Scott Watson, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at M3. "This has resulted in hotel accounting and operations teams relying on manual processes and handling various spreadsheets without the capability to provide quick insights for crucial business decisions. As M3 focuses on our vision as the most trusted authority on technology for every enterprise in the hospitality industry, we are committed to ongoing innovation to simplify the lives of all hoteliers, delivering superior technology advancements."

At M3, innovation is paramount, especially in the fast-paced industry of hospitality, continuously aiming to enhance and advance its technology. To better understand its customers and hoteliers in the industry, M3 has implemented its Ideas Gateway™ portal, which leverages the strength of customer feedback to perpetually enhance and refine itself, ensuring the consistent fulfillment of customer needs and expectations.

"Remarkable ideas can originate from any source, and at M3, we ensure we are attuned to the most crucial source: our customers," says Scott. "Their input is indispensable in realizing M3's vision of crafting and tailoring software to cater to the requirements of every enterprise. Having heeded the feedback from our valued customers, we are delighted to introduce our latest accounting software, M3 CoreSelect™. This accounting solution incorporates advanced technology features, showcasing the continuous evolution of M3's software."

M3 is committed to ongoing expansion and enhancing feature functionality for its customers. The company ensures outstanding customer service by fostering a collaborative and inclusive internal culture, engaging and empowering staff members to create a positive working environment.

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