World Amenities, Inc. Welcomes GPOs Inhaven and Minoan to Expand Sustainable Solutions in STR and VRM Hospitality

USA, San Diego, California. May 08, 2024

World Amenities, Inc., a global leader in providing environmentally friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable luxe skincare-based brands and custom amenities, proudly announces its strategic partnerships with two esteemed Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), Inhaven and Minoan. These partnerships signify World Amenities' commitment to enhance sustainability and elevate guest experiences in the Short-Term Rental (STR) and Vacation Rental Market (VRM) sectors.

Inhaven 's e-commerce platform optimizes the hosting experience, resulting in an enhanced guest stay and improved quality certainty for the vacation rental industry. The company allows vacation rental hosts and managers to create unforgettable guest experiences, work effectively, and maximize their property's value. The homeware retailer offers furnishing, equipment, and accessories for any room in the home, ranging from towels to bed linens and now sustainable, luxe skincare brand toiletries from World Amenities.

Minoan, renowned for connecting people with products in spaces that feel like home, has established itself as a dynamic, easy-to-use ecosystem catering to properties, products, and their enthusiasts. World Amenities will provide a range of sustainable guest room amenities, such as its sustainable Kraft Paper and Wheat Straw Zero Plastic Packaging Accessory items--enriching the Minoan Experience with eco-conscious offerings.

"Both Inhaven and Minoan stand as pillars in the STR and VRM hospitality industry, providing an array of essential products tailored for vacation rentals," said CEO and Co-founder Paul Hodge of World Amenities, Inc. "Our partnership reinforces our commitment to sustainability and excellence in guest experiences. We deliver premium solutions that redefine luxury and convenience for vacation rental homeowners and guests."

Key Points:

· Enhancing Short-Term Rental Experiences: World Amenities joins Minoan and Inhaven to enhance the guest experience in the rapidly growing Short-Term Rental (STR) and Vacation Rental Market (VRM) sectors.

· Sustainable Solutions: Through these partnerships, World Amenities reinforces its commitment to sustainability by offering environmentally friendly amenities and solutions tailored for vacation rentals.

· Catering to Modern Travelers: With the rise of platforms like Airbnb and VRBO, travelers seek unique and personalized experiences. World Amenities' collaboration with Minoan and Inhaven aims to meet these needs by providing curated amenities and necessities.

· Expanding Reach: By partnering with Minoan and Inhaven, World Amenities expands its reach into the STR and VRM markets, offering luxury amenities and necessities that align with the evolving needs of modern travelers.

These two new partnerships reflect World Amenities' dedication and commitment to innovation and sustainability in the travel hospitality sector.

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World Amenities proudly announces its strategic partnerships with two esteemed Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), Inhaven and Minoan.
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World Amenities, Inc.
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