The Ongoing Paradigm Shift within Companies

By Michael Koethner Wellness & Healing Consultant, Spa Transition | July 20, 2014

Let's be honest and straightforward. Smart Leaders and Companies never compete with another, they support each other, share experiences and goals in order for others to learn from and evolve; because they understand that the benefits of sharing will benefit everyone and increase the abundance within their community. Each of these smart leaders and companies are very well aware of their uniqueness, personality traits, special talents and skills; and by sharing all of these features with others they will create a more wonderful world to live and work in, for everyone.

The paradigm shift that is happening in the work landscape of every industry, especially in the hospitality, wellness, fitness and spa industry, over the past 20 or more years is due to a changing social consciousness and awareness about how a day at work suppose to look and feel like. This awareness has increased manifold since 2001 when the first three major blue chip companies of the world have filed for bankruptcy, pretty much overnight. By doing just a little research it becomes very clear that the core features, company culture, business ethics and foundation values of these companies were based on harsh competitiveness, excessive greed and aggressive business tactics while at the same time totally ignoring the development of the changing business landscape, their clients' needs and requirements as well as each of their colleagues. It surely has brought these companies down in a spectacular manner. The adverse outcome that this behavior have caused to the collective consciousness, in each of the countries where it happened, is still beyond measure and can never be undone, repaired or repaid. The negative financial impact of such dinosaur mind-set can still be felt up until now.

The question remains - why are so many companies still following the same caveman work ethics as they did before the collapse, instead of learning from what has happened and use that knowledge and experience to educate everyone of how not to do it in the future. Companies and their leaders should be going back to the drawing board, analyze, look deep within themselves as a people, as well as looking at their company structure, foundation and value, identify the proverbial rotten apple and eliminate the brain damaging bacteria called competitiveness from everyone's mind. Detox the company by re-arranging its entire energy, and select all the associates who are willing to be re-trained on the new company paradigm, whatever it will be except competing. At its best this grand overhaul will bring about a more desirable place to work at. The ROI will be self-explanatory and be reflected in the feedback forms of happier and returning customers who in turn will be served by a much happier staff and managers. Associates who are happy with what they do and how they do it automatically create more business for their company, they don't need to be pushed. It is a very simple calculation, giving appreciation to someone on a regular basis, will be returned seven fold.

As the saying goes - "The Fish stinks from the Head!" - and the paradigm shift shows us that people start to leave the smelly fish behind and move into fresh waters where the environment is healthier, cleaner and positively energized. Competitive thinking and aggressive behavior, is a destructive thought pattern representing and creating scarcity. It limits growth and the development of human potential and business opportunities. When negative competition, as explained in this article, has reached its peak people will end up angry, fearful, distrustful of each other, without values, goals and dreams, just to name a few. A business landscape such as this will eventually have a huge loss of revenue leading to bankruptcy. Although some companies are still operating in the old fashioned manner, they will fall by the wayside very soon, if they don't change their work ethics soon. People have not forgotten was has happened to them. They are now very well aware of the fact that materialistic things and papers with some numbers typed on it, do not bring the happiness, longevity and sustainability they were looking for. The happenings have also sent strong messages around the globe that these outdated business tactics must change soon in order to re-establish trust, honesty and attractiveness into the public consciousness. The cost of rebuilding trust, honesty, loyalty, and value for the business will be up to three times higher than the initial planning and pre-opening cost.

The term "to compete" is usually applied to when talking about, or participate in, professional sports, such as the Olympic Games. However when operating a hotel or spa people should realize there is no such thing than better or worse than the other. It is the difference that makes it interesting and drives the business. Instead of competing with the differences, focus on what there is at hand, then the customer will run through the door, simply attracted by what the company has to offer. Knowing what is and what can be done creates the business and cash flow. Meaning, if there is a extraordinary therapist with exceptional knowledge and skills, but the treatment room they have to work in is a disaster par excellence, then there will be no business. Vice versa, if there is a extraordinary hardware but a lousy company culture then there will be no staff to offer the services to the customers. Also a very simple math. The company of the future must determine how it creates its environment ergonomically fit to the scope and type of work and economically matching in order to make sure that people will love coming to work. In turn, if the employees feel respected for who they are and what they do then they will show respect to the bosses and leaders. What a wonderful work environment this could be.

According to the extensive research the science gained about the human body, in the past century, it is now becoming very clear that what we see on the outside is firstly created within each person. Meaning, a healthy, happy, clean and friendly environment on the outside reflects a mirror image of the inside of each person. A destructive, unhealthy, greedy and polluted environment or company on the outside reflects a mirror image of that persons internal pain body. Everyone should know that it takes great effort, a huge amount of emotional and physical energy as well as a substantial amount of money to bring back a human body to its previous healthy state before the internal abuse started. What the person do to themselves they are doing it to others and to their environment. Imagine the cost of a company trying to repair itself with an employee force of 500 and more, insurmountable.

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