Creating a Visionary, Functional and Operational Double Treatment Room

By Michael Koethner Wellness & Healing Consultant, Spa Transition | June 05, 2016

A collection of data, but not in the old-fashioned, very outdated and very boring numbers approach; rather with a compassionate view on how the industry will evolve, beyond the veil, in the very near future. Let's have a look at how to create a visionary, functional and operational double treatment room that is designed, professionally organized and set-up in such a manner as to fulfill the therapist's performance requirements and to accompany the demands of the new market, as well as the future guests' expectations. It will be crucial to include all aspects from the inside out.

The future of any enterprise, especially any new business that entails any part of the healing, wellness and spa industry, has no other choice than to enforce its focus and business plan on the very long-term sustainability without compromise. The plans and visions need to thoroughly and completely melt into an all-inclusive community landscape, as to create an all inclusive and coherent work/life environment. Such a space ensures that therapists provide treatments in the most comprehensive manner, to guests, members and clients alike; with the most excellent outcome and result in privacy and security.

As humanity has already moved into the sphere and knowledge that all things evolve from a thought, then it would be a good idea to approach the building of things with the perception that it is already in the making. In this manner, it would be wise to let the room create itself, with the assistance of the human being in its respected profession to guide the creation process. As treatment room eventuates in the process it eventually starts to present itself in its architecture, interior design, furniture and accessories. Furthermore, the invisible energy that transpires from the 3D will flow through the corridors of the enterprise and ensures the melting of all into one harmonious, well balanced and healing treatment suite.

A similar process with all the aspects of a well planned, carefully created and professionally presented menu degustation within a fine dining restaurant has all the same balanced features and transpires the healing energies for the client to indulge in either a superb treatment or sumptuous dining experience par excellence. The only difference is that it serves different needs, wishes and desires of the client. However, it will entice, engage and enhance all available human senses, and create experiences that awaken the awareness and/or the sleeping giant within each person. The plain boring, narrow and soulless, life-less treatment room that was presented to guests during the dark times of the past century, all in the name of a good looking balance, will be replaced by the multi-sensory, engaging and interactive treatment suite where all available energies and entities participating in the process of exchanging, blending and re-balancing the interaction of the therapist and client. No more separation of anything and any body.

The most exciting part of the future wellness business will be that a complete bespoke and customized treatment service, will not only rely on the treatment, the therapist and/or the products, but it will finally include and engage the environment, as well as the hardware into the treatment process; using their respective healing energies to be extracted and/or provided for the treatment session. For any therapist to provide such extraordinary treatment it will be necessary for them to be at ease, in peace, loving, compassionate, in the now and passionate, as well as capable and knowing of how to draw the beneficial energies of their surroundings into the flowing process; progressing and with steady strength, whilst applying their skills, accumulated knowledge and gained professional experience, creating a truly inter-dimensional healing sequence, specific to the clients needs, requests and requirements – the treatment results will leave the client spaced out and question every previously known spa and wellness center visits – a powerful healing treatment indeed.

The creation process starts with the thought, the vision, the dream and the realization that the given norm is something to overcome and step aside from in order to progress to something that will be of a much higher value to the overall development progress of the individual and the industry at large. The current limiting constraints of past century behavior and system in all aspects have outlived its validity and need to be either totally re-furbished or completely discarded, simply because the structures and their values are no longer compatible with the emerging healing environment, and its demands that stem from the soul and heart of eternity. Business and management structures have no other choice than to comply and surrender to it, otherwise they will be eaten alive in the up and coming tsunami of complete inclusiveness that encompasses society in the future.

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