Stepping Out: Coming to Terms with the Global Predicaments

By Michael Koethner Wellness & Healing Consultant, Spa Transition | July 26, 2015

In the past few years, there has been an ever-growing, very subtle feeling of insecurity, instability, craziness up to some point of panic, when it comes to people's daily life, personal growth and the overall economic growth. This feeling has forced humanity and societies to do things that have separated everyone and everything on a large scale with some very unpleasant outcomes. However, in the past 10 plus years this feeling has turned to the other side of the coin with an even deeper sense of urgency surfacing in each of us, to find out what this is all about, supported by a force that is seemingly coming from nowhere.

This deep-seated feeling of unrest has been on the rise since the mid 40's, and pushed aside ever since to avoid confrontation of a possible ugly truth, the truth that the life lived up until today was an illusion.
All these years' people have been running around like headless chickens, looking for something outside their daily existence. Performing at their jobs, and grinding along with no real end in sight, only to find themselves doing the same old thing, over and over, again and again, repeating same old, same old. Along the way, on their journey to some unknown pristine land, they have outperformed themselves in the pursuit of controlling others and situations, thinking and believing that changing the circumstances outside of them will get them into higher places of peace and tranquility. The harm and pain done onto others, to justify the need of the ego, and out of fear of the confrontation of the real cause, in the name of an artificial system, for the sake of power and money, during that journey, has left everyone in a total state of confusion, fighting against each other, for no apparent reason. They did everything possible, with all mighty force, to create a world outside themselves by compromising the deep longing of the soul for a meaningful live.

They have planted seeds outside on the promised land, thinking that all will be taken care of by the higher forces, neglecting that the nurturing has to come from the inside and that the higher forces are to be found within. The results of this behavior, action and processes are now everywhere, but unfortunately, the harvest turned out to be useless. Humanity found itself in an environment of hate, pain, anger, frustration, confusion, with a scent of hysteria. Even in the midst of the crisis, with undisputable facts presented by science, they stubbornly refuse to acknowledge that they are the cause themselves, of all the competition, illness, psychic disorders and separation. In addition, all feelings whether negative or positive were pushed down into the body system thinking that emotionless performance will give them a title and position to justify a higher income and set them free. The use of material things to compensate for unpleasant feelings has caused many physical and psychological disturbances to surface and created unnecessary industries and careers, which separated life and people even more.

The unknown origin of this behavior, that has creeped deep inside the human psyche for years, like roots of poisonous weed, is now resurfacing again. Every particle, every entity, every living organism is now going through a process of radical detoxification, because the feelings associated with it must be dealt with immediately, before the soul is lost forever in the unseen territories of the universe. It is the desire of the soul to sustain life. The ego is just the processor unit, performing according to given instructions by the soul and from the heart. The collective consciousness within society knows about it, and they recognize that they betrayed themselves and pushed entire systems, companies and societies into unbelievable situations of despair, that have left future generations with a mess never experienced before. The question of why would any human do something like that to another fellow human and what would be the benefit of such action, still remains and will be answered soon. Nature lives in balance, ever since, humans managed to destroy this balance in the pursuit of status and ego recognition. The answer of how to fix this situation will come to those who are able to pull themselves out of the rat race and look from the inside out. They then will discover the beauty and the true meaning of life, as well as pure love and the unlimited power of the universe and the soul.

In today's society, it takes even more courage and a very strong heart to step aside into the unknown territories of everything this world has to offer. Only a soul with an unspoiled spirit can go on to discover that the magic of life is inside in the body canvass, waiting to be released into the external world. Instead of running around in a hamster wheel, controlled by systems and dogmas, the brave will chose the road of self-discovery. They will then find all the jewels, which complements and enhances their journey and enriches the overall experience. They will discover that there is something sacred in everything, a deeper meaning, a story older than humanity. On the way to discovery, there will be a powerful but inevitable realignment of all body systems, which will promote the healing process, involving the psyche as well as the soul.

Literature of famous authors, and talented word artists have presented humanity, in every culture and civilization, that the inherent knowledge of wisdom, the energy of the Dao and healing has been available to everyone, ever since. Stepping out is a process that need to be performed at a time when it is called upon. The person knows exactly when time is due. Signs will appear right in front of their eyes when least expect it. These signs will be so powerful and obvious and possibly come in the worst of all times. When everything is falling apart and no light at the end of the proverbial tunnel is to be seen anywhere, that is the time when the soul has reached its point total recognition. That is when the person has obtained all information and experiences required to perform the miracle on themselves, the miracle of self-healing. The miracle that will set the person free from the mundane mainstream. In the midst of this seeming adversity, it is of utmost importance to stay in tune with the inner and higher self and allow the invisible force to guide you, because the results of this journey far outweigh the process of detoxification and the negative byproducts. This is not for the fainthearted. The ego is going to do everything possible to make the person feel scared and will send confusing messages to distract the process, because the ego cannot bear to be deflated. It will make a hell of a noise but it will eventually get the point, that it is worth nothing more than a processor.

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