Several UK Hilton Hotels Undergoing Refurbishment

. February 11, 2010

February 10, 2010 - A number of the best known Hilton Hotels properties across the United Kingdom are receiving a major boost with the roll out of a comprehensive £20m refurbishment programme.

The Hilton branded properties, all owned by Igal Ahouvi and his partners, range from Aberdeen to Gatwick.

Igal Ahouvi and partners own 16 Hilton hotels, all operated under management agreements by Hilton Worldwide's Hilton brand. The investment programme spans bedroom, bar, restaurant and public area refurbishments. It also includes the launch of 'The Space,' an innovative lounge concept in a number of the hotels, starting with Hilton Newbury North.

"As hoteliers, our focus is on delivering exceptional guest experiences, and we are thrilled that Mr Ahouvi is helping us achieve that goal with this investment programme," Simon Vincent, Area President of Europe, Hilton Worldwide, said. "It will radically improve the quality of the hotels, and in the new lounge concept, we're demonstrating innovation aimed at enhancing that guest experience."

Work is due to be completed in all hotels by 2011, with some projects having already been finished at the likes of Hilton London Gatwick Airport - where a new restaurant and redesigned lobby complement the recent introduction of a Costa coffee shop.

Due to launch first at Hilton Newbury North in March 2010, The Space is set to redefine the traditional restaurant, lounge and bar area by offering the comfort and feel of an airport executive lounge across the entire ground floor of the hotel. Designed with technology and productivity at the heart, it will be the first such facility on the UK motorway network, situated close to both the M4 and M3.

An oasis of quick service and the latest technology, The Space will offer:

  • Fully loaded work space - with easy laptop plug in and high-speed wireless, Bluetooth and mobile charging stations.
  • Flexible meeting space - large bookable meeting zones, easy and quick - perfect for on the road team meetings.
  • Super foods - available throughout the day - selected foods, geared towards productivity with natural energy boosts will be included on the menu, as well as healthy options and traditional food favourites.

"We are delighted that our Hilton hotels will be able to benefit from this major investment programme. We hope that as a result of the investment, and under the expert management of Hilton, the hotels will be well placed to benefit from the economic recovery as it develops and gains pace," Hugh Taylor, CEO for Igal Ahouvi's hotel businesses, said.

Ahouvi's properties include Hilton London Gatwick Airport, Hilton London Olympia, Hilton Aberdeen, Hilton Dunkeld, Hilton Strathclyde, Hilton Basingstoke, Hilton Bristol, Hilton Bromsgrove, Hilton Coventry, Hilton Dartford, Hilton Newbury Centre, Hilton Newbury North, Hilton Newport, Hilton Southampton, Hilton Swindon and Hilton Edinburgh Airport. Bookings can be made by visiting

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