The Knowland Group Begins Service in San Antonio, TX

Market Intelligence Firm to Begin Offering Its Service To City Known As A Crossroads

. October 14, 2008

WASHINGTON, DC, August 25, 2006. The Knowland Group announced today that it has begun service in the San Antonio, TX market.

The Knowland Group, whose reputation as a lead generation service for hotel group sales is based on the blending of several elements to create a unique product, will begin offering its services to hoteliers in San Antonio. The city has strived to maintain its sense of history and tradition as it moved forward to develop into a truly cosmopolitan venue. San Antonio is known as a cultural meeting place where vestiges of the cultures of Native America, Old Mexico, Germany, the Wild West, African-American and the Deep South merge.

The Knowland Group's rapid rise is predicated on its ability to successfully incorporate diverse elements into a one of a kind entity. It paired an online application with daily email reports to provide information that is both timely and easy to use. This combination created a quality service that has been the key to the company's incredible expansion. Since its beginning, the Knowland Group has signed over 200 hotels and hospitality related organizations in more than 30 markets across in the US. "Finding new ways to mix and match diverse applications keeps our service responsive to industry needs," said Mike McKean, the firm's managing director. "We will continue to work to ensure that we stay in sync with our clients."

San Antonio's rich blend of history and progress will keep it an attractive tourist destination. The Knowland Group will continue to sign new subscribers because the sum of the parts of their service equals a maximum return on investment.

About The Knowland Group | Headquartered in Washington, D.C., The Knowland Group provides market intelligence services to the hospitality industry. Through the use of technology-based business practices, The Knowland Group is able to offer services at a speed, ease of use and quality that is unprecedented in the hospitality industry. Much more than just a reader board service, The Knowland Group's services include providing clients with qualified group sales leads, event planner contact information, upcoming events suited to their properties, and detailed information on group activities in their competitive set. For more information, visit or call (202) 842-9244.

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