Langham Boston Focuses on Babies

. October 14, 2008

BOSTON, MA, August 23, 2006. The Langham Boston has launched a new V.I.B. "Very Important Baby" Programme, which offers special packages for babies and small children.

The hotel invites families to leave stress at home and stay at the luxury property, which is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World and has two-award winning restaurants. The Langham is located near Boston's historic sites and attractions, too.

An important element of Langham's V.I.B. Programme is the hotel's new V.I.B. Concierge, which ensures that Very Important Babies and Very Important Big Brothers and Sisters have the important necessities upon arrival - from pre-ordered baby food to unlimited Huggies to top-of-the-line Propoline for Babies products by APIVITA.

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