LiveWorld Unveils Conversation Management Platform, New Service & Engagement Software For Customer Obsessed Brands

Social Media Technology Combines Intelligent Triage With Case Management of Conversations, Redefining Human Interaction at Scale

. April 20, 2016

SAN JOSE, CA. & NEW YORK, NY. April 20, 2016 - (BUSINESS WIRE)--LiveWorld, Inc. (OTC Markets: LVWD), announced its next-generation SaaS platform is now available for brands to manage customer conversations across social media and messaging apps, in real time.

“This software enables brands to make informed decisions about when, where, and how to engage customers, and then operationalize those conversations across organizations and internal systems.”
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As the world expands to the age of messaging, companies are challenged now more than ever to be conversation-centric while engaging consumers in marketing and customer service dialogues. By combining the power of social media and customer service technologies into a single application, LiveWorld is helping “customer-obsessed” brands scale conversations with a personal touch.

“Leading brands in the 21st century can now leverage 1on1 personal conversations in social media platforms to deliver great customer experiences," said Peter Friedman, Chairman and CEO of LiveWorld. "We are empowering companies to build relationships, solve problems, and drive sales."

The new software combines analytics, semantic and sentiment analysis, and customer targeting for smart conversation detection, which can be configured to specific business structures (stores, regions, brands, products). 1on1 conversations are processed through a case management framework, which is optimized for social media and messaging apps, thus enabling intelligent assignment and escalation, quicker resolution, SLA enforcement and higher customer satisfaction. With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, the product is designed to provide users with more customer knowledge, utilizing profiles, conversation histories, and CRM platform integration. Brands can now deliver human-to-human interactions with compassion and intelligence. Already deployed across thousands of social pages, and acting on hundreds of thousands of user comments per month, the software is market-proven.

“Conquering conversational management requires solving scale and speed issues, while also empowering agents to be more knowledgeable in their interactions," said Frank Chevallier, LiveWorld Vice President of Products. "This software enables brands to make informed decisions about when, where, and how to engage customers, and then operationalize those conversations across organizations and internal systems."

LiveWorld goes beyond current social software by providing the ability to: • Seamlessly transition conversations from public to private on Facebook and Twitter. • Support Facebook Messenger for conversations between customer and brand. • Identify and prioritize customer service inquires and loyalty marketing opportunities. • Blend public social data with customer information to create a more robust profile. • Notify teams of new conversations, encouraging prompt replies and enforcing SLAs. • Enhance data and discover insights through human and automated tagging. • Leverage conversations across the enterprise by integrating with CRM & help desk applications.

The new LiveWorld software is currently deployed at multiple Fortune 100 companies including top brands in retail, CPG, pharma, and travel & financial services, and is commercially available today. For more information visit, watch the teaser video, and to schedule a demo contact us at [email protected]

About LiveWorld

LiveWorld is a software and services company that enables brands to enhance the customer experience in social media. Our solutions empower the largest brands in the world, allowing them to develop deeper relationships with their customers in the areas of marketing, customer service, and insights. LiveWorld clients foster social media environments that are natural continuations of the experiences customers have with brands—and with each other—in the real world. LiveWorld uses the power of content and conversation to help companies achieve business goals, measureable through marketing and operational KPIs. Our services include strategy, campaign management, content moderation, customer engagement, customer service, and social analytics. Our software has been designed to empower human beings to be more effective and allow companies to efficiently address the demands of social at global scale. LiveWorld clients include the #1 brands in consumer packaged goods, retail, pharmaceutical, and travel & financial services. LiveWorld is headquartered in San Jose, California, with offices in New York City and Austin. Learn more at and @LiveWorld.

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