The RE Hotel London Shoreditch to Undergo Conversion to Mama Shelter Shoreditch Set to Open in 2019

London, United Kingdom. February 08, 2018 -  

Mama Shelter, the global collection of authentic hotels, has announced its market entry into the United Kingdom with plans to open Mama Shelter Shoreditch. The 193-room property is a strategic conversion from The RE Hotel London Shoreditch and is expected to open in 2019.

The hotel will be located in the industrial quarter in the heart of London, just steps away from the train at Cambridge Heath and the Bethnal Green subway.

"Denizens of London have known for generations the cultural riches and inclusiveness of the British capital, such kindness an inviolable custom after crossing oceans and borders to the edge of Europe and beyond” said Mama Shelter Founder, Serge Trigano. “At Mama, we embody the necessity of such kindness, with the warmth and generosity of family. All of our staff welcome weary travelers into the family with open arms.”

With cutting-edge design elements specially crafted by the rising French design team, Dion & Arles, Mama Shelter Shoreditch will provide travelers a sanctuary that includes all the comforts of home coupled with all the needs of digital modernity. Guests will be able to take advantage of the spacious king beds, high-speed Wi-Fi, and free movies that MAMA fans have come to love, while still getting to experience the vibrant energy of the thrumming city.

More than just a place to stay the night, Mama Shelter Shoreditch will also provide plenty of places to work and gather - for tourists and locals alike. This will include 2,600-square feet of meeting rooms and a 600-square foot lobby, as well as a 4,000-square foot restaurant complete with an inside patio and outside terrace. At the front entrance of the hotel, Mama's Kiss will serve fresh pastries and hot coffee for those who need to get-up-and-go or prefer to linger around and take in the sights of the neighborhood.

The hotel won't just be a place for snapshotting tourism and workday business, but a place to live, work, laugh, debate, celebrate, and at the end of the night, to come home to MAMA.

About Mama Shelter

After many glorious years at Club Med (co-founded by the Trigano family), Serge Trigano launched Mama Shelter in 2008 with sons Benjamin and Jeremie. The founders said from the get-go that they would offer guests a mix of shared fun, affordability and exceptional service, and only implement Mama in cities that they loved and in neighborhoods with a unique story. By deciding to focus only on locations that spoke to their hearts, Mama Shelter hotels have been sourced where they could express their ideal of an unusual, eccentric and unique place to be. Each city possesses a rich heritage, paving the way towards new horizons where their ideals of a peaceful humanity could be realized. MAMA began her roots in Paris, then Marseille, from there to Lyon, Bordeaux, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, and soon in Prague, Toulouse, Lisbon, Dubai, Belgrade and now London. In 2014 Accor bought a 35 percent stake in Mama Shelter.

Media Contact:

Lauren Hanafin


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