Industry Veterans Launch Venture to Bring Engagement and Loyalty Through Customer Satisfaction for Resort and Hotel Properties

USA, San Diego, California. May 28, 2018

In today's cluttered competitive landscape, companies must cultivate their reputations by marketing a powerful brand story and by their ability to deliver on that core promise through employee performance. This level of guest experience builds strong credibility and specifically differentiate hotel/resort properties.

This requires a new level of organizational alignment and a culture that understands the risks if brand promise is not delivered consistently.

Hospitality veterans The Starmack Group and CCG Global have launched "Factor 360 Brand Fusion," a process that brings a brand off marketing shelf and into team culture.

Greg Starmack, founder and CEO of The Starmack Group. "The bottom line, if your property staff doesn't know your brand story or more importantly, believe it, you're losing opportunity for overall guest satisfaction and brand loyalty - the areas that drive revenue."

Through Factor 360 Brand Fusion, properties take part in comprehensive brand development where mission statement, core pillars, voice and personality, imagery and guest touchpoints are evaluated. Then a property-wide process to ensure all employees - from general managers to valets - live and perform to the brand identity, pillars and vernacular.

"Our in-depth approach takes a property's new brand framework and aligns the entire staff with its critical cultural shift. We custom design this program to insure your brand brings value as a market differentiator. Your team connects with your cultural positioning at a new level, focusing on every guest interaction - ensuring extreme customer satisfaction, engagement and loyalty," said Lori Champion, founder and managing partner of CCG Global.

Factor 360 Brand Fusion is unique because it begins with a review that analyzes and audits an emerging or established hospitality brand's effectiveness. Once complete, our team helps identify or create a unique brand for the property, or if strong branding is already in place, moves into the next phase of the staff alignment process. With well over three decades of combined expertise in integrated branding, marketing and team performance development, The Starmack Group and CCG Global are two of the industry's most proven names in hospitality marketing.

For more information, contact Greg Starmack at 619-405-6366 or visit Or contact Lori Champion at [email protected].

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