Tidewater Inn to Reveal Premier-Style Rooms & Suites, Announcing the Multi-Phase Revitalization of Property Guest Rooms

New Design and Furnishings Bring Comfort to a New Level on Maryland's Eastern Shore

USA, Easton, Maryland. September 26, 2018

Ideally situated in the heart of downtown Easton on Maryland's Eastern Shore, the Tidewater Inn - a timelessly refined luxury boutique hotel, steeped in history and charm with roots tracing back to 1712 - proudly announces the latest completion of a multi-phase renovation, unveiling a reimagined design that includes the opening of 20 additional premiere guest rooms, that were once traditionally classic.

The Tidewater Inn has partnered with Philadelphia-based DAS Architects, as well as Restoration Hardware on the design of the freshly revitalized guest rooms, and worked exclusively in collaboration with Restoration Hardware on the interior design elements, which feature their furnishings, fixtures and accessories.

Encompassing the second and third floor of the hotel, the spacious Premiere Guest Rooms and Suites were first introduced in April 2016 which jumpstarted the series of major renovation projects, including the redesign of the first set of 20 guest rooms, offering modern bathrooms, furniture, carpet, paint and decor. Also unveiled during this phase was The Dover Club - the property's newest private event venue, ideal for intimate meetings and special events for up to 50 guests. At the same time, the Chesapeake Room, the Inn's corporate and wedding hospitality suite, and the kitchen of Hunters' Tavern, the hotel's signature restaurant, underwent meticulous renovations and refurbishment.

Additional property enhancements include complete renewal of Tidewater Inn's first floor in 2017, featuring the lobby, the library and three extraordinary event venues - consisting of the Rose Room, the Oxford Room and the Crystal Room - where the refreshed spaces boast authentic hospitality and comfort, ideal for weekend getaways, special celebrations and business travel alike.

Tidewater Inn's recent completion of newly restored guest rooms feature refined furnishings such as oversized club chairs, plush down comforters, pillow top mattresses and spacious bathrooms - including exclusive bath essentials and plush robes - to extend a combination of the finest of luxury and relaxation.

With a commitment to restoring the Tidewater Inn as the "Pride of the Eastern Shore," a long-term restoration plan has been in place since Coastal South purchased the historic property in 2009 and will continuously revamp the hotel, delivering a one-of-a-kind leisure experience to each and every guest.

For more information, call Tidewater Inn at (410) 822-1300 or visit www.tidewaterinn.com. Tidewater Inn is located at 101 East Dover St, Easton, Md. 21601.

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