Originally Built in 1956 as a Travelodge, Complete Transformation Set to Reveal The Shoal at La Jolla Beach

USA, La Jolla, California. December 10, 2018

After a massive multi-million dollar renovation, The Shoal at La Jolla Beach announced today its grand opening is set for Saturday, December 21st, but currently welcoming guests to experience the new property now. Originally built in 1956, this latest renovation is the most extensive upgrade in the property's history. Completely transformed from a traditional Travelodge to a luxurious boutique hotel, The Shoal is primed for both business travelers and vacationers. Rebuilt from the hotel's original structural bones, The Shoal was redesigned with a focus on environmental sustainability. The renovations include using recycled building materials, installing energy efficient plumbing, and introducing initiatives that will help to drastically reduce plastic waste.

From recycled materials to more energy efficient in-room products, The Shoal's contemporary design is as environmentally friendly as it is beautiful. The structural beams are recycled wood; guest room window frames are made from recycled vinyl and the window glass is low-e glass, which is designed to reflect heat, keeping the room naturally cooler; the flooring used is recycled laminate; and the in-room furniture is designed from recycled metal and vinyl. Additionally, low-flow toilets were installed in all guest rooms, using only 1.28 gallons of water per use versus a standard five gallon tank; new shower heads are 25 percent more efficient; all in-room appliances are energy efficient; and replaced incandescent light bulbs throughout the hotel with LED bulbs.

The Shoal also implemented sustainable initiatives for several in-room guest amenities including recyclable K-Cups and replenishable shampoo, conditioner and body wash containers, reducing plastic waste from these bathroom essentials by 95 percent.

The Shoal will continue to implement additional environmental initiatives and sustainable solutions, including introducing renewable energy sources, a digital application to reduce paper waste and a chemical-free cleaning program.

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