Omni Shoreham Hotel Completes $12 Million Guest Room Renovation Led by General Manager Mark Roche-Garland

USA, Washington, D.C. February 21, 2019

Omni Shoreham Hotel is welcoming guests to its 834 newly renovated rooms after undergoing a more than $12 million renovation that elevates the overall experience and enhances the hotel's 90-year history. The renovation includes a design and decor update highlighting the hotel's unique location within Washington, D.C. and its picturesque garden views.

Embracing D.C.'s culture and rich history, the design of the refreshed guest rooms was inspired by the deco-era of the 1930s Shoreham Hotel, coupled with only-in-Washington visuals such as photography of landmark locations and the hotel's historic crest embroidered on bolster pillows. The inspiration draws from an authentic local aesthetic that includes watercolor cherry blossoms, art that pays homage to the hotel's garden featuring 3D butterflies and iconic D.C. landmarks such as the White House, U.S. Capitol and Washington Monument. Here, Washington, D.C.'s only resort truly comes to life.

Additional features of the remodeled guest rooms include the large windows overlooking the hotel's gardens creating natural light throughout; crisp white fresh linens; illuminated bathroom mirrors with built-in shelves creating additional counter space; and carpet that is reminiscent of garden pathways. Additionally, each guest room includes upgraded Wi-Fi and 49-inch TVs featuring the ability to cast from guests' mobile devices seamlessly without the added step of downloading an app or entering a security code.

“In 2020, Omni Shoreham Hotel will celebrate 90 historic years as one of Washington, D.C.'s landmark hotels,” said Mark Roche-Garland, general manager of Omni Shoreham Hotel. “This remodel retains that old world charm, all the while ensuring that the most discerning of travelers are looked after.” 

“Nestled within Rock Creek Park, the inspiration for the redesigned guest rooms comes from the Shoreham's unique location within Washington, D.C.,” said Laura McKoy, creative director + vice president of interior design for Omni Hotels & Resorts. “The hotel's gardens and picturesque landscape provide a serene environment for our guests that they can only experience at Omni Shoreham Hotel. You can be in the backyard of the hotel and not feel like you're in the city and now guests can experience that while in their rooms, as well.”

Roche-Garland continued, “As the fourth largest hotel and only resort in our nation's capital and nestled within 11 acres of Northwest D.C., it truly is an exceptional location for both business and pleasure. Whether traveling for a conference, attending a glittering gala dinner, creating lifetime memories on a weekend trip with family, celebrating a charity garden party or a diplomatic mission to the world's most powerful city, Omni Shoreham Hotel continues to play host and witness history in the making.”

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