Noise Complaints Fixed by Strategic Hotel Soundproofing

USA , Orlando , Florida. February 25, 2019

Embassy Suites Orlando reduced their noise complaints by 80% by installing 167 Indow acoustic commercial inserts. It didn't require any construction or hardware, and they're in the heart of downtown.

Their 8 million dollar renovation project included Indow window inserts as strategic noise reduction. The hotel is in a walkable area near a lot of nightclubs. It's the reason many of their guests stay there, but they knew from the noise complaints that come 10 pm or 2 am, many were just trying to sleep.

Window noise reduction was a main focus during their hotel renovation. Management knew that smart upgrades wouldn't just improve guest experience, but help with return visits, guest reviews, and occupancy. As the article Art + Operations: Experiential Design at its Finest ( asks "How can strategic design help properties rise above the sea of competitors vying for guest loyalty (and dollars)?" It's through thoughtful design and renovation that matches guests' expectations.

Their decision to go with Indow window inserts rather than window replacement was twofold. First, during all this hotel construction, Indow inserts didn't introduce any more construction. They are custom built for the window and install in minutes. Second was price. For a fraction of the money, they could get the same decibel reduction and help with soundproofing hotel windows.

While they were pleased to discover an easier, less expensive solution than window replacement, the management team at Embassy Suites still thought these window inserts might not be their hotel window noise reduction solution. They tested their noisiest room: installing Indow window inserts in a second floor room facing the busiest street. All the managers took turns sleeping there for 90 days. After noticing a substantial reduction in outside noise, they were sold.

"Installation was amazing! You came in and, I want to say, within one day installed 167 windows. I was amazed by that. I thought it would take several days to do."

- Frank, General Manager of Embassy Suites Orlando

Since their installation in 2017, the front desk has reported noticeable difference in noise complaints. Frank said that while outside noise is still their number one complaint, "I would say the number of complaints we get from outside noise has probably dropped 70-80%." Their strategic hotel soundproofing lead to fewer noise complaints, more return visits from loyal guests, which leads to higher satisfaction ratings and higher occupancy.

Embassy Suites Orlando Exterior
Embassy Suites Orlando Interior with Indow Window Inserts
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