The Tuxon Set to Open in Summer 2020 Following Comprehensive Renovation

USA, Tucson, Arizona. October 23, 2019

At the convergence of modern hospitality and southwestern authenticity, where adventure seeking meets the social scene and business travelers mesh seamlessly with cultured vacationers, lies The Tuxon, an independent boutique hotel in the birthplace of Tucson. Scheduled to open in Winter 2019 with additional amenities coming online Summer 2020, The Tuxon is the ultimate reflection of its surroundings, a unique blend of environments that perfectly balances the city's dynamic cultural scene with its storied desert roots.

Located alongside I-10 in historic West Downtown, The Tuxon is a design-focused destination offering the conveniences, comforts and connectivity to service the seasoned vacationer and curious visitor alike. Conceived by entrepreneurs Vishal Patel and Sunny Patel, the hotel has undergone a thoughtful and comprehensive renovation to forge the classic with the modern, boasting 112 distinctive guestrooms featuring uncompromising attention to detail and amenities that include walk-in rain showers, 1GB fiber Internet, 50″ high definition televisions with casting capabilities and crafted minibars. The hotel also features a variety of curated art and interior design elements woven throughout the property that thoughtfully engrain local southwestern charm into the guest experience.

By day, the hotel is a gathering place for those drawn to Sentinel Peak and Tucson's well-traveled "Loop" of hiking and bicycle trails. After sunset, the reimagined pool serves as an alluring getaway for cocktails and conversations, and the ideal starting point for a night on the town.

"It truly is a center of gravity, pulling everything from the outside in," explains co-creator and Tucson native Vishal Patel. "We loved the layout of the property, because it allows for the pool, lounge areas, and amenities to be at the heart of the action."

The centerpiece of The Tuxon experience is the in-development welcome building. On track to open Summer 2020, the building will greet guests with a check-in area, café, market, social areas and an indoor and outdoor bar bathed in natural light and featuring a bevy of locally sourced offerings. Additionally, the co-creators have conceived a community-focused programming schedule featuring live music, local art, movie screenings, tastings and cooking workshops.

"Through design, service and our programming, we are delivering a truly authentic experience that celebrates the spirit of Tucson," says Sunny Patel. "The Tuxon stays true to its surroundings by paying tribute to the retro vibe and road trip feel of the past while building upon Tucson's modern legacy."

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