VHP Software Collaborates With Booklogic

United Arab Emirates, Dubai. April 13, 2020

Let's put the Corona Virus pandemic aside for a moment. Just imagine the world is normal and ask yourself where does your company want to be in one year? Five years? Ten years? And what does this growth mean for your technology? These questions play on repeat for any growing organization.

As enterprises grow, often at what feels like a breakneck pace, IT's job is to support day-to-day tasks while also being the visionaries for successful growth and scale. They are the enablers of technical innovations that result in competitive advantages, and are often under intense pressure to deliver amidst constant and accelerating change. This is no small task.

How do we know? Because we're going through the same growing pains ourselves.

To learn more about how IT teams are evolving and what one can learn from experiences of IT companies - VHP Software recently collaborated with Booklogic (World Travel Awards - A leading Travel Technology Company) specializing in hotel and travel distribution systems and marketing services. The seamless two-way integration between VHP Hotel Management System and Booklogic enables the hotels to make better business decisions whereas the data is data is confidential, reliable, accurate and actionable. Thru the connection, hotel's can manage their room availability and -rates within the VHP PMS to be updated automatically on all online channels. While online reservations are automatically delivered into the VHP PMS hence eliminating any manual work and risk of over-bookings or loss of reservations.

Booklogic offers different products and services such as Central Reservation System, Booking Engine, Channel Manager, Rate Compare Manager and Reputation Management System, with more than 10,000 clients in over 70 countries - with an estimated 8 million rooms offered daily through our advanced central reservation and distribution systems. Booklogic's network helps the hotels to connect to over 700,000 GDS Travel Agencies, 3000 b2b club travel agencies and 350 online hotel portals worldwide.

"I strongly believe this cooperation will empower both of our clientele and maximise their online and offline revenues. Thanks to VHP PMS solutions, our hotels will better automate their internal processes, save time & money and increase their productivity as well as profitability. BookLogic will also strongly contribute to the VHP using hoteliers to increase their online and offline revenues including direct bookings network massively. This partnership will definitely enable better performing hotels." said Oral Yigitkus, CEO of Booklogic.

"The VHP PMS and Booklogic integration will greatly benefit our hotel customers across Indonesia and Asia enabling them to reach new markets faster and efficiently. The two-ways connection ensures that room availability and pricing is automatically updated across all booking channels. Whereas VHP Software's auto-dynamic rate calculation will help the hotels to maximize their yield. The automated delivery of all online bookings into the VHP PMS makes the hotel operation more efficient resulting in significant time and cost benefits." concluded Christian Yie, Director of Business Development for VHP Software.

PT. Supranusa Sindata (VHP Software) & BookLogic
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