Spa Industry Brands Band Together to Support Financial Strains in Spa & Wellness Industry Caused by Covid-19

Product Lines and Professionals Benefit from First-Of-Its-Kind Wellness Ambassador Program Launched by Live Love Spa

USA, Tustin, California. April 16, 2020

If there is one word to describe what creative businesspeople do during a crisis -- it's PIVOT. In business that means switching, turning or making a fundamental change. That's just what the respected, award-winning spa industry B2B company, LIVE LOVE SPA and supporting brand partners have done during the COVID-19 shutdown with their new Wellness Ambassador Program.

The newly launched program allows for a spa professional to make a product recommendation of any of the brand partners at and when someone makes a purchase from that recommendation, the professional receives a 20% commission paid to them via PayPal every Friday. It's as simple as filling out a form online, getting approved and inserting a unique link into texts, in emails to clients, in social media posts, on their blog or whatever other creative ways the ambassador thinks of. This program was designed for spa professionals to do what they always do, help their customers with great wellness advice.

As an example, if "Richard" places his unique link on his social media account and someone who follows him purchases three products totaling $140, he will make a commission of $28 that is paid within a week to his PayPal account.

LIVE LOVE SPA specializes in face-to-face, experiential events that connect buyers, spa directors and decision-makers with innovative brands and treatment solutions. But those can't happen right now. Their online store began as a professional discovery site that allowed spa buyers to discover products and create business relationships from a trusted, reputable source.

But now faced with the COVID-19 shutdown when resorts, hotels, spa and fitness centers around the country have closed and many members of the spa industry are out of work and their fundamental events can't happen; LIVE LOVE SPA decided to pivot and find a way to make their B2B shopping site a B2C site to help create an income source for colleagues.

Specifics of the new Wellness Ambassador Program include:

● Up to 20% commission of referred purchases paid weekly via PayPal (most affiliate sites only pay up to 3.5%)

● To make it easy Ambassadors have no need to own or ship inventory, they are simply instructed to use their personalized referral code via email or social media to recommend products to clients, friends and neighbors.

● Products are sourced directly from industry brands that LIVE LOVE SPA knows and trusts. The products are not from third party suppliers instead they're Certified Authentic.

● The new program features a Personalized Wellness Ambassador portal to track sales, commissions, payouts.

● 24-hour order processing, free shipping and gift-with-purchase opportunities.

● Ambassadors share their own unique link through social platforms, email, website, text, blog, etc., and when a purchase is made, a commission is paid.

● Supporting Brands include:

Skincare: Circadia, Epicuren, Intraceuticals, Priori, Immunocologie, Osmosis Beauty, Sothys, Comfort Zone, Kypris, Yonka Paris, Jurlique, Skin Authority, Kerstin Florian, Ling Skincare

Bath & Body: Farmhouse Fresh, SpaRitual, Pure Fiji, Vita Liberata, Yapa Beauty

Devices: Foreo, Hyperice, Julie Lindh

Home Wellness: Aluminate Life, By Lilla Hair, Towl, Lucky Owl Apparel, Clean Republic

o Available items include skincare, bath and body, candles, jewelry, organic bamboo towels, nail and hair care, at-home fitness, hats, totes, tee shirts, healthy home care and more.

"Think of factory owners in World War II enlisting women to work in factories ala Rosie the Riveter," explains LIVE LOVE SPA founder, Lisa Michaelis. "Think of the rise of Victory Gardens where families were encouraged to grow their own vegetables during food rationing time. True win-win initiatives were born then and that's what our goal is with our new Wellness Ambassador Program. The minute the COVID-19 shutdown happened; supporting brand partners and our team started to brainstorm how what we do could help. We're thrilled and proud to do be able to offer a hand to our wonderful industry colleagues at a time like this."

In addition to providing ways for out of work therapists to make commissions on sales, the newly launched Live Love Spa App also provides a forum for sharing content, creating events and even creating online courses around health and wellness.

For more information contact Lisa Michaelis at 949-689-5378 or

Some of the Brands Participating in LLS Ambassador Program
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