'Virtually Well' Online Meetings Enhanced With Sensory Modalities: Mindfulness, Live Music, Real Time Art, Movement, Aromatherapy, & More

Aids in Keeping Focused and Making Smarter Decisions

USA, Austin, Texas. March 31, 2020

Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses are now being forced to do all their meetings virtually. Familiar tools like Skype, WebEx, GoToMeeting and Zoom have abruptly become lifelines. With business leaders being called on to make vitally important decisions more quickly and insightfully each day, they're now faced with all the problems of real-world meetings being compounded by having to meet with their teams virtually. S'Well Public Relations, a firm specializing in wellness enterprises, is using their expertise in the mindfulness arena to create a "best practices protocol" for not just healthier but more effective online meetings. Using some of the unique meeting facilitation tools that are the hallmark of the agency's signature creative process, Strategic Visioning Launch Pad, as well as pulling from their vast network of wellness leaders, S'Well is launching a free webinar to teach ways to use sensory modalities - such as live music, real time graphic facilitation, movement and mindfulness - to help make your virtual meetings as effective and engaging as possible. Interested companies can also enlist S'Well's all-star team to facilitate their upcoming meetings.

Bonus: these lessons - taught by a team of experts who have worked with Fortune 500 companies over two decades - can carry through the other side of the pandemic to continue to make business meetings more effective and yes, even healthy!

The S'Well "Recipe Book for Virtually Well Meetings™" Webinar, sponsored by LIVE LOVE SPA will be offered FREE via Zoom, on Thursday, April 2, 2020 at 11 am PST. To RSVP, please email info@swellpublicrelations.com.

"Each business has a meeting culture when they're together in person. Typically, dominant personalities and louder voices prevail," explains S'Well co-founder, Darlene Fiske. "Whether it's conscious or not, most meetings follow the same format - a friend told me he fell asleep on a call last week and that his company is having Zoom meetings just to have face time and make sure people aren't slacking off. Meaning a whole lot of unproductivity and wasted time."

"Unfortunately, remote meetings tend to compound all the problems of real-world meetings," says S'Well Co-Founder, Kim Marshall. "As a recent article in The Boston Globe pointed out, this issue that can be even worse in a virtual meeting as participants become passive, disengaged, and multi-task, letting the Big Dogs have their run of the Zoom Room. Now more than ever businesses need meetings that enhance effectiveness with an all-mindful-hands-on deck approach. S'Well can help."

Webinar Participants include:

· Emcee: Kim Marshall, communications & wellness industry veteran, who knows how to combine humor with business savvy and moderating skills honed from working with companies from MGM Mirage to ISPA and who currently hosts The Global Wellness Summit Podcast.

· Graphic Facilitator - Peggy Wynne Borgman, artist & author and spa industry education pioneer trained in The Grove Method of visual meeting facilitation.

· Technical Producer: Darlene Fiske, American Spa Magazine's PR & Marketing Guru of the Year in 2018 and thought leader in wellness communications is at the Zoom Controls.

· Mindfulness Expert - Katie Hess, a flower alchemist, author of Flowerevolution, founder of LOTUSWEI, one of the world's leading floral apothecaries and a gifted meditation guide whose work has been featured in Ted Talks, The New York Times and O The Oprah Magazine.

· Musician - David Victor, an American rock vocalist and guitarist, formerly of the multi-platinum band BOSTON with whom he scored a #1 single "Heaven On Earth."

· Movement Expert - Lisa Fasullo, obtained master's degrees in Health Education and Social Work from Columbia University, and is the Founder and Director for the Center for Transformative Movement (CTM) in Boulder, Colorado.

Their new webinar includes topics such as:

· Top 10 Rules of the Road for Virtual Meetings

· Preventing distraction, disengagement and multi-tasking

· How to use a scribe/artist to your advantage

· Easy ways to elevate your "production values"

· Tips for managing pacing and flow

· The role of the virtual moderator

· What great meetings and great stories have in common

· Beyond the agenda: why you should artistically "storyboard" a meeting instead

· Crucial pacing differences between real and virtual meetings

· The science behind how music improves mental clarity

· How to engage all the senses in a one-dimensional event

· Using movement to boost mental performance

· How to include mindfulness in your meeting

· A simple check-in that will tell you how your meeting really went

· The role of gratitude in a good meeting

For more information: www.swellpublicrelations.com

Kim Marshall, Emcee
Peggy Wynn Borgman, Graphic Facilitator
Darlene Fiske, Technical Producer
Tags: Virtually Well, New Service for Online Meetings

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