Reiimagine, Inc. Announces the Global Launch of Comprehensive Sales Support Services to Luxury Independent Boutique Hotels and Resorts

USA, San Diego, California. June 18, 2020

Reiimagine, Inc. - - today announced the launch of a new range of sales and marketing support services designed specifically for luxury independent boutique hotels and resorts around the world. This is a first of its kind, affordable one-stop-shop solution to assist boutique hotels that are looking for additional client's outreach in the US and international markets.

Reiimagine provides a valuable extension of the hotel's in-house sales team and acts as a connector to key clients that may be hard to reach. It offers sales services that range from lead generation, prospecting, and client visits, to agency visits and setting up road shows. The company focuses on group and leisure sales, digital marketing, and destination weddings for 4-5 Star properties, with optional services in social media, training, public relations, and leadership taskforce resources.

"Most independent boutique hotels and resorts have limited resources and often have little or no existing brand recognition when compared to the large chains," said Penny Wing, CEO of Reiimagine, and a successful travel and hospitality industry entrepreneur. "Our company is focusing on services that will help these properties gain more exposure through building personal connections and one-on-one presentations. We also feel that today hotels are putting more focus on digital marketing because of social distancing practices. To stand out among the competition, we have created a cloud-based software platform that lets hotels customize unique digital sales proposals in minutes to help improve their open rate and conversion."

"Our team is experienced in the luxury market and has a strong luxury hotel background, including Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, St. Regis, Montage Hotels and Preferred Hotels and Resorts," said President/Partner Elaine Macy. She is a former VP at Maritz Travel and former Executive VP at Preferred Hotels and Resorts who has over 14 years of boutique hotel experience. "We understand luxury and boutique hotel's needs. Our top priority is our service and deliverables for our clients. Our job is to introduce them to key decision makers and meeting planners from top corporations with whom the hotels may not have yet connected."

"Furthermore, flexibility is key to boutique hotels. We custom design our services for each hotel so they can pick and choose any services that meet their current needs," said Jennie Hoffman, Executive VP Sales and Marketing/Partner at Reiimagine. She has over 25 years of hotel experience with luxury brands such as St. Regis, Westin, W Hotels, Starwood Luxury Collection, and Montage Beverly Hills. "We are pleased to also offer assistance in managing their social media to increase brand exposure and visibility online. We know that responding to a hotel's reviews and keeping up with the latest trends can be challenging to those hotels that may have limited staffing. Our social media team can take care of all that for our clients, so they can focus on more important things."

"Best of all, we have made our business model cost effective, affordable, and commission free, so we can help our clients with limited funds stretch their marketing dollars further," said Penny. "We are excited to bring this new concept to the independent boutique hotel and resort market during these challenging times."

For more information, contact Elaine Macy at or 406.396.1516, or Jennie Hoffman at or 949.887.6953.

Reiimagine President/Partner Elaine Macy
Penny Wing, CEO of Reiimagine
Jennie Hoffman, Executive VP Sales and Marketing/Partner at Reiimagine.
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