Introducing MAX, an Interactive Hotel Revenue Performance Platform

Free Trial Subscription During Q4 2020 and 2021 Discounts for First 25 Properties

USA, Parker, Colorado. October 13, 2020

Revenue Matters introduces MAX™, a proprietary, interactive hotel revenue performance platform designed exclusively for the hospitality industry. Now, hoteliers, owners, and asset managers can have access to this robust analytics tool to help with strategic planning, trend analysis, price positioning, occupancy and rate strategy, budgeting, forecasting, and more.

Spend less time running reports and more time on analysis. MAX consolidates information from multiple sources and displays it in a user-friendly format to help you make smart decisions. Get a clear picture of both historical and trending performance to develop future strategies such as marketing campaigns, budget planning, and promotional offers.

Supporting best-in-class revenue management business processes, MAX is an intuitive solution that fosters team collaboration. It offers complete transparency and accountability and stores a valuable database of information over time with enhanced analytics.

Integrate marketing, distribution, and revenue management to drive superior results with MAX.

Introductory Offer

Available to the first 25 properties only, hoteliers can obtain a free MAX trial for the remainder of 2020 with a $249 one-time setup fee per property and receive significant savings on a 12-month no-obligation subscription for 2021. The Setup fee is waived with a 2021 subscription. Discounted annual subscription rates start at $199 per month.

"Our objective in creating MAX was not only to provide hospitality leadership and their revenue teams with a clearer picture of how their properties are performing, but also foster enhanced collaboration between revenue impacting disciplines of revenue management, distribution, and marketing." shares Trevor Stuart-Hill, founder of Revenue Matters and creator of MAX "We are thrilled to be able to introduce MAX to the hospitality industry at a time when improved efficiency, better control, increased transparency, and enhanced coordination is more vital than ever to help drive property performance."

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