GitGo Launches Hospitality Sales Coaching Program Packed With Proven Business Development Strategies

B2B Hotel Sales Innovator's New Online Program Reveals Processes and Frameworks That Sales Professionals Can Leverage to Drive Growth for the Industry—even in the Wake of the Pandemic.

USA, Wisnery, Nebraska. October 15, 2020

Today, GitGo - the hospitality industry's top revenue-driving sales partner - is opening up its vault of sales insights through GitGo Coaching, a revolutionary new online program for hotel sales professionals.

Designing and deploying sales strategies for hotels of all shapes and sizes in all 50 states and eight countries over the last 15 years has uncovered millions in hospitality revenue. GitGo's new coaching program is packed with data, tools and strategies optimized for immediate impact. GitGo Coaching is perfectly positioned to deliver sales professionals the exact processes, systems and mindset that will lead to significant revenue opportunities for their property. "GitGo is doing this work daily for our customers, so we are seeing what is working, what is not and hearing direct from thousands of buyers a week which gives us a frontline look at real-time buyer behavior that we translate to our coaching team and clients." says Amy Infante GitGo's founder & CEO.

By showing participants how to shift from reactive and tactical environments to ones strategically driving business, sales teams can begin powerful, consistent and predictive growth for their hotel-even during the pandemic.

"GitGo Coaching takes key elements from the best coaching programs and merges that with our sales insights and approaches, driving true foundational transformation to grow a hotel or brand's revenue during tough times," says Amy Infante, GitGo's founder and CEO. "Our goal is to provide consistency and sanity during this unprecedented, historic time."

COVID-19 has disrupted the hospitality industry. According to eMarketer, the pandemic pulled industry-wide sales down 86% in Q2 of this year and down nearly 50% in Q3. A slight recovery is projected for Q4 but sales forecasts still predict it to be down roughly 35% year over year.

Now is the time to ensure sales teams are ready to activate strategic, reliable growth, Infante says. GitGo Coaching refines sales skill sets, outlines proven sales tactics and shows sales team members how to ultimately close more revenue using exactly what's working today.

GitGo Coaching is made up of three tiers: GitGo SparkTM, GitGo FuelTM and GitGo IgniteTM. With full access launching through a subscription of just $45 per month, GitGo SparkTM members can enjoy:

  • Battle-tested files, templates and guides to help sales teams fill their pipelines.

  • Bite-sized content with actionable tactics instead of hours-long modules.

  • The six-part core curriculum of GitGo's On-Fire SalesTM process.

  • Cheat sheets to help teams execute sales strategies quickly.

  • Monthly group sessions and private online community access for individuals to network and share sales experiences.

  • Weekly group coaching sessions with GitGo experts as well as private coaching sessions with Infante.

  • Quarterly virtual intensives, live-streamed events for sales professionals to practice what they've learned with GitGo coaches.

  • A sales target list created with GitGo's help.

"What I love about GitGo SparkTM is that it covers what could take a sales professional years to learn or accomplish and condenses it into a program that can start delivering results in days," Infante said. "Our program is accessible to those still actively selling in a market as well as sales professionals between jobs, as we know many have been furloughed or laid off due to COVID-19 and are looking for support, a great community for networking and a place to keep up and stay relevant in their industry space. We're focused on helping individuals and companies get back on their feet with lessons that have real-world application."

Learn more about GitGo SparkTM and sign up at

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