EproDirect Rolls Out "Epro Task Group" to Help Hotels and Hospitality Suppliers That Might Need Additional Staff Support

EproDirect Will Help Allow Hotel Sales and Marketing Teams to Save Time and Increase Productivity by Providing a Wide Variety of Cross-Functional Sales and Marketing Services and Support

USA, Boca Raton, Florida. November 10, 2020

EproDirect LLC, an industry leader providing hospitality sales and marketing services, announced today the official rollout of the Epro Task Group. Since 2001, EproDirect has always been offering a wide variety of sales and marketing services and support to hotels and other hospitality businesses. This official rollout of the Epro Task Group comes directly as a result of new sales and marketing tasks and project requests from current clients as well as increased demand from new clients within the hotel and hospitality industry.

Tracy Fairman, EproDirect's CEO, stated her enthusiasm for providing a wide variety of over 70 cross-functional sales and marketing services and support at a time when the hospitality industry is experiencing a reduction in staffing levels and budget cuts to support full-time employees. We are essentially allowing hotels and other hospitality businesses to fulfill sales and marketing responsibilities while saving them money. "Our clients see real value in working with us in several key ways. We're offering instant access to a pool of highly experienced hotel sales and marketing professionals who are at our clients' immediate disposal when they need and only when they need them to take on specific projects and tasks. This allows them to save money on the costs associated with hiring and maintaining full-time employees. Clients also see this as an opportunity to bring in new creative solutions to enhance their current sales and marketing team's efforts."

Chris Wezel, EproDirect's Chief Visionary Officer, is finding that because the efforts on the tasks and projects we're performing for our clients are more targeted, and without outside distractions, they are being completed quickly, efficiently, and correctly. In addition, due to the current industry climate, we are bringing access to highly skilled and seasoned talent and new resources that our clients may not have had access to in the past, which is giving them a competitive advantage.

Just a few of the services provided by EproDirect include Sales, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Tradeshow Support, Budgeting, Training, and competitor reporting. Tracy Fairman also stated, "One of the key benefits is the flexibility for our clients to customize our services based on their needs and budget. They also have the flexibility to either hire us to perform specific individual tasks and projects or hire us for part-time or full-time task force fulfillment." EproDirect is excited to use this shared services business model to fulfill their client's needs and provide employment opportunities for the many talented sales and marketing professionals who are experiencing the result of staff reductions and budget cuts.

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