New Report Gives Actionable Insights to Hoteliers for Navigating the Covid-19 Crisis

United Kingdom, London, England. November 26, 2020

As hotels around the globe continue to grapple with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Fornova, a world-leading travel and hospitality business intelligence specialist, released a comprehensive report exploring the steps hotels can take to navigate the ‘new normal'.

‘How to lead your hotel through the COVID-19 crisis: Actionable insights for Directors of Distribution, Revenue and Marketing' shares the company's insights into the key themes it expects to emerge in the coming weeks and months ahead and gives insider tips on how hotels should shape their distribution and revenue strategies accordingly.

Dori Stein, Fornova's CEO, said: "When the crisis first hit the industry in March, we asked our team to look ahead and predict what might happen. We initially shared these predictions informally on social media to garner on-the-ground intelligence from our peers and those facing the unprecedented challenges head-on.

"The overwhelming response prompted us to publish a report, which not only shares some of the predictions but provides practical guidance for distribution, revenue optimization and marketing professionals in hotels and chains who are working hard to secure heads on beds and keep those businesses afloat.

"The situation is changing every day and varies vastly around the world so while some of our predictions have proven accurate, the jury is still out on others. While we continually monitor the situation and update our clients, we are actively encouraging the global hospitality community to share their experiences with us so we can provide further insight next year."

The report, which can be downloaded here, combines the original predictions Fornova made in March as the crisis began to unfold, an update on how those compare to the current situation, and a ‘what does it mean for me' section.

Key actionable insights for hoteliers include:

● Optimize the hotel's Google My Business listing and utilize as many of Google's free suite of services for the hospitality industry as possible

● Strengthen relationships with Online Travel Agency (OTA) partners

● Monitor how room rates are being shown by OTAs and metasearch sites in different countries and guard against aggressive country rates campaigns

● Ensure hygiene and safety messages are incorporated across all channels and not only on marketing outlets.

Download the full 20-page report here:


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