Anex Tour Opts on B2B E-Payments With Bavel

The International Tour Operator Takes Another Step Forward in the Digitalisation of Its Back-Office Processes by Incorporating Electronic Payments.

Spain, Barcelona, Catalonia. May 27, 2021

Anex Tour, one of the leading international tour operators, joins Voxel to start issuing and distributing B2B payments electronically. The electronic payments will be articulated through baVelPay, a Voxel solution designed specifically for the travel industry that follows the standards of the Open Payment Alliance defined by HEDNA and HTNG.

In the first stage of the project, the international tour operator will start using B2B payments with more than 500 hotels in Spain and Andorra. Currently, Anex Tour and baVel are already working on the integration of both systems, and the plan is that the tour operator will continue implementing the solution in other destinations.

With the adoption of electronic payments, Anex Tour will achieve optimised payment issuing and distribution processes and will have access to baVel's ecosystem of payment partners and its different payment methods through a single integration. The tour operator is thus advancing in the digitisation of its entire transaction cycle, once 90% of its B2B invoices are received already electronically through baVel. This is a 100% automated process, which not only brings operational efficiencies, but also direct costs savings and disputes reduction.

Anex Tour's commitment to electronic payments also has positive consequences for hotels, as both the tour operator and the hotels will share the same information through a common repository and will have full transparency and traceability of the status of each payment at all times. All in a secure, robust and PCI compliant environment in all the countries in which it operates. In addition, hotels will be able to reduce their collection cycles and use the baVelPay platform as a mechanism of trust, thus eliminating the dependence on credit insurance.

According to Àngel Garrido, CEO at Voxel, "more and more travel companies are opting for an electronic payment solution that not only helps them to automate the process, but also offers them different payment methods to adapt to the needs of their suppliers". "The reality that the pandemic has left us with is that we need to apply technology to all back-office processes to increase efficiencies, but also to build the lost trust between stakeholders", he concludes.

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