Riu Tikida Garden Hotel Re-Opens Following Complete Renovation

Morocco, Marrakesh. August 04, 2021

The RIU chain and Tikida group have just reopened the Riu Tikida Garden hotel following a complete refurbishment of all its facilities. The presentation of this striking hotel's refurbishment has been months in the waiting, and it is now the most updated and sophisticated option offered by RIU and Tikida in Marrakesh. It also completes the reopening of all their hotels in the country. Its customers can enjoy the excellent service provided by RIU surrounded by completely new facilities.

This opening is great news for both groups, as it is the last of their six hotels to reopen. The others — three in Agadir, two in Marrakesh and one in Taghazout — have gradually reopened over the past months.

This refurbishment will surprise the hotel's long-standing customers. The old Riu Tikida Garden is nowhere to be found in the new facilities, although the structure, 4-star rating and 259 comfortable rooms have been maintained. The hotel has a completely different look following the refurbishment, with a more modern style and a strong Moroccan influence. One of the changes resulting from the refurbishment is that the hotel is now exclusively for Adults Only, which, together with the All-Inclusive service, allows customers to enjoy an exclusive holiday experience. What's more, the are several daytime activities and live music at night, as well as a wide and varied range of dining options that will delight all guests.

The refurbishment of the Riu Tikida Garden encompassed the communal areas and rooms, including the creation of 10 sophisticated swim-up rooms that offer the highest level of comfort with private access to one of the hotel's outdoor pools. The rooms have ceramic flooring with light and warm colours evoking Saharan tones, as well as typical Moroccan decorative elements.

The hotel has an extra feature that certainly will win over all its guests. All of the communal areas are lit with natural light that enters through the large windows located around the hotel's various spaces, which also makes the hotel seem more spacious. This feature is particularly prominent in the lobby due to its impressive height. What's more, several elements have coloured ceramic details or finishes, as well as columns and walls, creating a sophisticated and fresh atmosphere that will astound customers.

The pool area is also more sophisticated and elegant, with the rectangular pool being replaced by one with spaces that create greater harmony along a spacious solarium, where customers can relax in either conventional loungers or Balinese beds.

The Riu Tikida Garden is just 3 km from the old town of Marrakesh, a vibrant metropolis at the feet of the Atlas mountains. Alongside Meknes, Fez and Rabat, it is one of the four imperial cities of Morocco, where the Hotel Riu Tikida Garden becomes a veritable oasis of tranquillity in the midst of the local hustle and bustle. In addition, all the necessary safety measures are in place thanks to RIU's 17 protocols and the Welcome Safely certificate. The latter, promoted by the Moroccan government, certifies that it is a safe space for customers and employees alike in the face of COVID-19.

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