Nayara Resorts Partners With IDeaS to Bring Revenue Science to Its Growing Portfolio

Costa Rican-Based Boutique Collection to Implement IDeaS G3 RMS for Greater Profitability and Efficiency

USA, Minneapolis, Minnesota. August 25, 2021

IDeaS, a SAS company, the world's leading provider of hotel revenue management software and services, announced today its new partnership with Nayara Resorts, beginning with the implementation of IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System (RMS) at two of the hotel group's boutique resorts: Nayara Gardens and Nayara Springs by Costa Rica's Arenal Volcano National Park.

Nayara Resorts recognized the importance of implementing an RMS as post-travel-restriction demand began returning, selecting IDeaS as a scalable technology partner to unlock greater opportunities for profitability and efficiency.

  • Automated decisions - Moving from manual revenue management to machine-learning automation, IDeaS provides immense time savings, allowing Nayara Resorts to be more strategically focused with a more sophisticated approach to revenue optimization.
  • Robust capabilities - Nayara Resorts appreciated the wide range of unique features available with G3 RMS, including What-If Analysis, room-type pricing at the rate-code level, high-level reporting for ownership, greater length-of-stay controls, market segmentation, and group evaluation.
  • Scalable platform - With plans to grow its portfolio across North and South America, Nayara Resorts selected IDeaS to help maintain a centralized approach to revenue management with an automated system users can trust.

Constanza Navarro, director of sales and marketing, Nayara Resorts, said: "We were managing revenue manually-on really long spreadsheets, but I always knew I could do more to improve ADR and price more dynamically. As demand returned quickly after COVID restrictions were lifted, I knew it was time for an RMS. And we knew all along IDeaS was the best in the market. To me, IDeaS' What-If feature seems like magic, but I know it's science. I love being able to see how different decisions will play out before we make them. As we continue to grow our collection, I am so glad we have IDeaS to help."

Garth Peterson, area vice president, Americas, IDeaS, said: "We are thrilled Nayara Resorts has selected IDeaS to deliver sophisticated automation and revenue optimization to its incredible resort properties. We look forward to working closely with their team as they continue to grow their collection."

About Nayara Resorts

Nayara Resorts is a collection of five luxury properties, with three in the Costa Rican rainforest surrounded by creeks, natural hot springs and sublime views of the world's third most active volcano. With its 2020 expansion, Nayara added two properties, one in a green valley in the Atacama Desert-the driest place on Earth-and one on Easter Island, one of the most remote places on the planet.

Nayara Springs, Costa Rica/ Nayara Resorts
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