Human Rights as a New Hospitality Resource

USA, Clearwater, Florida. September 22, 2021

The International Institute of Modern Butlers has launched a web site dedicated to educating all citizens of all countries on their Human Rights as given in the United Nation's 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). This initiative was taken after it was determined that literally nobody in the world, when surveyed, even knew they had rights, let alone what those 30 rights are.

This was relevant to the Institute in particular, and the hotel industry in general, because both have been knocked sideways by the governmental responses to Covid-19, with hotel closures littering the landscape, reduced occupancy being mirrored by reduced service, reduced staffing levels paradoxically followed by hiring difficulties, RevPAR and profits down, and the list goes on, including the usual casualties such as training when budgets tank. Constant change, fear-mongering, and uncertainty from the prospect of endless shutdowns, travel bans, restrictions, and fines add to the challenge for owners and management.

Beyond the shuttering of hospitality are human rights violations the world over that have existed for thousands of years and which the UDHR highlights and forbids. The new web site,, offered as a public service, provides short videos on each of these human right as well as key milestones regarding individual rights being secured against government overreach in civilization's persistent drive over the last 2,500 years to achieve a civil society. As Human Rights cannot be taken away by governments, according to Human Right #30, for any reason whatsoever, including public safety, widespread knowledge of these Human Rights will help push back against violations and provides another tool in hospitality's toolbox for normalizing the industry.

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