The Indigo Road Hospitality Group Celebrates Beginning of Construction on the Flatiron Hotel Project in Ashville, NC

USA, Charleston, South Carolina. November 09, 2021

The Indigo Road Hospitality Group is celebrating the beginning of construction on the Flatiron Hotel project in Asheville, NC. Flatiron Preservation Group, LLC, comprised of the principals of GarageCap and JPW Development, successfully received project permits to commence in July 2021. The targeted completion date for the adaptive reuse project is spring 2023.

"The hard hats are on and work is underway at the Flatiron Hotel project," said Larry Spelts, president of the Lodging & Lifestyle Adventures of Indigo Road. "A community known for its intense civic pride, Asheville is also known for its vibrant arts scene and historic architecture. The Flatiron Hotel will offer timeless adventure with a distinctly local authenticity and experiences for the local and traveling connoisseurs familiar with Asheville's prosperous dining and hospitality scene."

The 71-key Flatiron Hotel is an adaptive reuse of the Flatiron building, Asheville, NC's iconic downtown landmark. The new hotel within the Flatiron building aspires to fulfill the building's historic purpose of signaling to the world that Asheville is a place of consequence. The Flatiron Hotel project will draw inspiration from the original "Lost Generation" of the roaring twenties and connect that bygone era with a mobile creative class looking for an escape true to Asheville's prohibition-era spirit.

"The interior design of The Flat Iron Hotel is an eclectic mix of the Art Deco derived from the building itself and a more textural and organic modern edge," said Carrie Dessertine, owner of Mey & Co. "The design strives to strike the balance between the buttoned-up formality of the structure and a new modern approachable layer."

Within the Flatiron Hotel, guests and locals will find a restaurant featuring a wood-fired oven and craft cocktail bar on the ground floor, a rooftop bar with peerless views of the smoky mountains to the west, and, in the tradition of the Flatiron's nascent era, one may or may not find a hidden speakeasy somewhere within.

"This project wouldn't have happened without our collaborative partners, the overwhelming support of the City and the wonderful Asheville community," said Steve Palmer, Indigo Road's founder and managing partner. "We are excited and eager to be a part of the already well-established dining scene here with our soon-to-be-announced restaurant and bar."

Located on Battery Park Avenue, the hotel, where it meets the charming, shop-lined Wall Street, will be a short two and a half block walk to the city's famous and historic Grove Arcade; in proximity to all the best dining, drinking and entertainment that the city of Asheville has to offer; and a short drive to Biltmore Estate and Blue Ridge mountain hiking trails.

The Flatiron Building was acquired by Flatiron Preservation Group, LLC in 2019 shortly after the City of Asheville had approved its conversion into a hotel.

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