BLLA Welcomes Standard International to Its Prestigious Hotel Program

USA, Los Angeles, California. March 16, 2022

The Standard Hotels and Bunkhouse Hotels, part of Standard International, joined BLLA's distinguished program for authentic boutique and lifestyle hotels. CEO of Standard International, Amber Asher, also rejoins the Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association as an Advisory Board member for 2022.

Through BLLA's vetted application process, the following properties were accepted into the exclusive program:

The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon - Bangkok, Thailand, The Standard, East Village - New York, USA, The Standard, High Line - New York, USA, The Standard, Hua Hin - Hua Hin, Thailand, The Standard, Ibiza - Ibiza, Spain, The Standard, London - London, England, The Standard, Huruvalhi Maldives - Huruvalhi, Maldives, The Standard Spa, Miami Beach - Florida, USA, Austin Motel - Texas, USA, Carpenter Hotel - Texas, USA, Hotel Havana - Texas, USA, Hotel Magdalena - Texas, USA, Hotel Saint Cecilia - Texas, USA, Hotel San Cristóbal Baja - Todos Santos, Mexico, Hotel San José - Texas, USA, Phoenix Hotel - San Francisco, USA, Shady Villa Hotel - Texas, USA.

BLLA's Founder & CEO, Frances Kiradjian, and Partner & COO, Ariela Kiradjian, are honored to welcome The Standard Hotels to the boutique community. "We warmly welcome all the individual Standard and Bunkhouse properties into the BLLA family to be promoted as a cherry-picked hotel on our StayBoutique booking site which follows a direct-booking procedure to the hotel's PMS and additionally, a live chat feature for travelers coming to the site to book their hotel stays," stated Frances Kiradjian. "Additionally, the properties will be promoted to all the global travel advisors who follow BLLA directly or through one of our divisions."

"We have a very special relationship with Amber Asher and are excited to have her rejoin the 2022 Board of Directors bringing her invaluable experience and insight to BLLA members and the global community," stated Ariela Kiradjian who leads the BLLA Board and Committees.

Amber Asher, who will continue her term on the BLLA Board of Advisors, states "for The Standard, ‘boutique' means design forward hotels that serve as community driven cultural hubs and social destinations. Defined by creativity, authentic hospitality and sense of place, we build teams and find local ambassadors to maintain uniqueness and individuality, maintain a common thread for guests and loyalists, and embrace local cultures. Our unconventional approach promotes a certain kind of freedom, where guests are immersed in our unique approach to lifestyle. We are not for everyone, but everyone is welcome."

Standard International will unite with the best in boutique to continue the global mission of BLLA which is:

To counteract corporate monotony and champion creativity. To forget the forgettable and forge the once-in-a-lifetime. To break down doors and link the most brilliant minds in the industry. To build on our now 10-year legacy of reimagining the multifaceted future of boutique-together.

The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon - Bangkok, Thailand
The Standard, East Village - New York, USA
The Standard, High Line - New York, USA
The Standard, Hua Hin - Hua Hin, Thailand
The Standard, Ibiza - Ibiza, Spain
The Standard, London - London, England
The Standard, Huruvalhi Maldives - Huruvalhi, Maldives
The Standard Spa, Miami Beach - Florida, USA
Austin Motel - Texas, USA
Carpenter Hotel - Texas, USA
Hotel Havana - Texas, USA
Hotel Magdalena - Texas, USA
Hotel Saint Cecilia - Texas, USA
Hotel San Cristóbal Baja - Todos Santos, Mexico
Hotel San José - Texas, USA
Phoenix Hotel - San Francisco, USA
Shady Villa Hotel - Texas, USA
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