Swire Hotels Turns to IDeaS for a Unified Revenue Management Solution Across Properties

Singapore, Singapore City. June 15, 2022

IDeaS, a SAS company, the world's leading provider of revenue management software and services, announced today that Swire Hotels has selected its G3 Revenue Management System (RMS) to unify its group approach to revenue management across a portfolio of seven hotels globally.

Swire Hotels is a group of seven properties under two brands including The House Collective and EAST, with locations in Hong Kong, the Chinese Mainland, and the United States. As a group, Swire Hotels previously approached revenue management on an individual property level, which led to different vendors and systems being used across its portfolio. With the intention to drive more efficiency across the group, Swire Hotels sought to unify its revenue management process, with IDeaS presenting a best fit solution.

  • Thorough investigation process before selection - After a thorough investigation into the most advanced revenue management solutions on the market, Swire Hotels selected IDeaS G3 RMS to use across its portfolio of properties. G3 RMS will optimise revenue performance and provide a single version of data and analysis at a group level. Going forward, IDeaS will play an important role in Swire Hotels' portfolio growth plans, providing strategic revenue management support at both the property and group levels.
  • Controlling channel costs - A key concern for all hoteliers today trying to grow group-level profits. IDeaS G3 RMS provides insight into the cost of acquiring business through a particular channel or OTA. This insight helps hoteliers assess the value of a channel over the long term, versus the costs of acquiring reservations through that channel.
  • Building confidence with Investigator - The Investigator feature within G3 RMS will also enable Swire Hotels to better examine and understand the data points the system considers when setting prices. Investigator's charts, tables, and descriptions quickly inform factors that influence prices and forecasts, providing clarity around (and confidence in) the key drivers behind pricing decisions and the demand forecast.

Yvonne Yau, director of revenue and distribution, Swire Hotels, said: "We are proud to have IDeaS as part of our distribution infrastructure. It will benefit us in our development plans building the confidence of potential hotel owners, knowing that we have the best-in-class revenue management solution in place. Our aim is to deploy IDeaS in future new hotels and let it be a core part of the daily business discussion and decisions towards achieving the goal of becoming a rate leader in each of our respective markets."

Sibylle Luger, area vice president of account management, EMEA & APAC: "In a competitive environment, operating with different revenue management systems across a small portfolio of properties - where each system could provide vastly different levels of data, sophistication, and support is not conducive to long-term success. IDeaS delivers in-depth insight into market dynamics to support Swire Hotel properties through pricing strategies and an advanced RMS that seamlessly integrates with all properties and their existing technology stacks."

About Swire Hotels

Swire Hotels creates and manages distinctive hotels in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and the United States under two brands, The House Collective and EAST, providing unscripted and authentic experiences for travellers who seek originality, style and personalised service. The House Collective, a group of Houses each uniquely imagined and inspired by their locations, began with the opening of The Opposite House in Beijing in 2008, followed by The Upper House in Hong Kong, The Temple House in Chengdu and the latest addition, The Middle House in Shanghai, which opened in 2018. EAST are lifestyle hotels located in Hong Kong, Beijing and Miami with an emphasis on working playfully and playing productively. Located in key commercial districts, EAST brings these cities' buzzing dynamism right to our guests.

Swire Hotels
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