North Central Group, a 40+ Year Leader in The Hospitality Industry, Unveils New Company Name and Logo

USA, Madison, Wisconsin. September 01, 2022

North Central Group, a leader in the ownership, development and operation of premier hospitality properties, has announced that they will debut a new company name and logo that solidifies their expertise in all aspects of the hospitality industry: real estate, development, asset management, hotels and more.

Renamed to "NCG Hospitality," the Wisconsin-based, family-owned business looks to embrace a new identity that focuses on the full spectrum of hospitality development, operations and management. Established in 1981 by David Lenz, NCG Hospitality is credited with over 70 hospitality projects during its 40+ years and currently owns and operates more than 30 properties across multiple states and national brands.

"Our new name and logo perfectly encapsulate the depth and breadth of our passionate pursuit of our company mission of being 'Premier' - among the best of the best - at NCG Hospitality," said Jonathan Bogatay, Chief Executive Officer of NCG Hospitality. "We are growing and proud to make a difference in the communities in which we live and work, and in our industry as a whole."

Alongside their new company name, NCG Hospitality adopts a modernized logo that represents the core pillars of NCG Hospitality as an employer, real estate developer and property manager. NCG Hospitality aims to continue to build a diversified hospitality portfolio and relationships with its Team Members that allow everyone to work with, grow with and stay with NCG Hospitality for the long run. The three-dimensional square block represents a foundation and opportunities for teamwork as well as internal and external growth that NCG Hospitality is able to provide.

"This is a major milestone for our company, one which celebrates a family-owned business for not only reaching 40 years, but also setting the foundation for the future. Real estate is our trade… hospitality is our craft! We are excited to enter this next era with the most incredible, growth-minded craftspeople - our Team Members," said Jeff Lenz, President and Chief Asset Officer.

To learn more about NCG Hospitality, visit or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

NCG Hospitality


Business Contact:

Katie Marron
VP, Marketing
North Central Group
T: +1 608-698-9051
E: [email protected]

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