Erbon Software Announces Expansion Within The U.S. Hotel Market

The Hotel Management Software Solution Has Helped Hundreds of Clients Across The Globe

USA, Orlando, Florida. October 21, 2022

Erbon Software, a hospitality technology-focused company, is thrilled to announce it is expanding its operations in the United States hotel market. Its Erbon Suite comprehensive hotel management software solution is currently helping hundreds of hotels in five countries manage all aspects of their business, from front desk to back office.

Hoteliers without a proper management software solution face many problems these days, including excessive manual work for all teams due to a lack of automatic features in the system; a lack of communication between hotel departments because they do not have a complete and integrated system; the inability to sell more rooms and reservations because they do not have a modern system connected to other online software; and they're unable to make decisions because they don't have quick and easy dashboards with the main hotel metrics.

Erbon is a cloud-based hotel management solution that helps hotels increase productivity, boost occupancy and maximize revenue. Erbon offers a central location for all hotel operations, from bookings and reservations to check-in and checkout. With Erbon, hotel staff can quickly and easily access guest information, view upcoming events and track changes in real time. In addition, Erbon's dynamic pricing engine ensures that rooms are always booked at the optimal rate, maximizing revenue for the hotel.

By automating tasks and providing mobile tools for staff, a management system can help to streamline operations and improve guest service. Checking in and out, managing housekeeping and responding to maintenance requests are all important tasks that can be made easier with a management system. In today's competitive market, a hotel that can provide a superior guest experience is sure to stand out from the crowd. With a hotel management system designed with guest needs in mind, any hotel can provide the five-star service that today's travelers expect.

"Erbon Suite's integrations with Erbon partner solutions help hoteliers manage their business more effectively while also providing more opportunities to increase revenue," said Erbon Software CEO Diogo Rocha. "With Erbon PMS for hotel management, Erbon Events for meetings and events, and Erbon POS for F&B operations, hoteliers can maximize their revenue potential by integrating all of their operations into one platform. This not only saves time and money but also helps to accelerate innovation by making it easier for new ideas to be put into practice. As a result, hoteliers who use Erbon Suite can enjoy a competitive edge that will help them succeed in today's ever-changing marketplace."

Hospitality managers need access to a variety of data in order to make informed decisions about their property. Erbon's PMS Dashboard provides a simple, hospitality-focused solution that enables property-specific or groupwide reporting. The dashboard provides instant visibility of important operational data, including guest preferences, communication choices, spending habits and marketing data.

Erbon's expansion into the U.S. market is sure to bring its innovative solutions to even more hotels, helping them improve their operations and better serve their guests.

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Erbon PMS Dashboard
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