IDeaS Launches Automated Configuration Feature for G3 RMS

Innovation Decreases Time to Value and Ensures Confidence in Data Configuration When Implementing G3 RMS

USA, Minneapolis, Minnesota. March 29, 2023

IDeaS, a SAS company, the world's leading provider of hospitality revenue management software and services, announced today the launch of Automated Configuration for its G3 revenue management system (RMS), decreasing the initial configuration of G3 from weeks to as little as one day, depending on client needs and requirements.

By leveraging data science, IDeaS delivers a feature to help its clients realize returns on their technology investment almost immediately. Clients will save time by reducing the amount of manual setup and training required, gain confidence in system settings and decisions by replacing guesswork with optimal settings based on science, and achieve a faster ROI with a system that delivers revenue-enhancing decisions from day one.

Automated Configuration for G3 RMS completes the following modules to ensure confidence in a property's system settings and outputs:

  • Rooms configuration - Automatically groups room types that have similar pricing and demand into room classes to maximize room performance with optimal pricing decisions, Last Room Value, and overbooking controls.
  • Market segment and rate codes - Assigns guest behavior-based attributes to market segments and combines rate codes of similar behaviors to create forecast groups that drive superior optimization and better revenue performance.
  • Pricing configuration - Defines the pricing strategy for a property's primary product and ensures G3 RMS produces optimal data-driven pricing. G3 picks room types and suggests floor and ceiling price points for each room class.
  • Rate shopping configuration - Determines the optimal competitive configuration, including which competitors' prices impact pricing decisions and which channels and competitor information is shown in G3. This data allows hoteliers to take full advantage of market data to inform their own pricing and auto-assign competitive room types to similarly priced room classes.

Christian Boerger, vice president of revenue strategy Oxford Collection, said: "We implemented G3 RMS at 17 hotels, and IDeaS' new automated configuration process has been fantastic. This has been our fastest implementation; the amount of time and effort saved is mind-blowing."

Marci Garcia, CRME, director of revenue strategies - Revenue Matters, working with The Guest House at Graceland, said: "Automated configuration for G3 RMS allows us to capture more revenue right away, with minimal ramp-up time. It's like having another revenue manager on the team, analyzing the data 24/7."

Jason Barnett, product manager, IDeaS, said: "Our development team continually works to make our system more efficient and easier to use. This innovation and commitment to our client success initiatives set IDeaS apart from our competition. We will continue to listen to our customers to provide intuitive solutions that streamline their processes and ensures a path to decrease time to value."

IDeaS Launches Automated Configuration Feature for G3 RMS
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