Pinnacle Live and AVMS Merge to Elevate Expectations for the Event Industry

USA, Arlington Heights, Illinois. August 07, 2023

Pinnacle Live, LLC and AVMS, two premier event technology providers for hotels and resorts, have announced a merger that will elevate expectations for the event industry. The merger will bring together two companies with shared values and a commitment to providing exceptional service and innovative solutions to their clients.

The newly merged company will be uniquely positioned to deliver the latest in event technology solutions to its clients. The merger will enable the company to offer a full range of event technology services, including audiovisual production, event staging, lighting and sound, and event technology solutions. The company will also provide a wider range of event production services, including event design and planning, logistics, and on-site support.

The combination of Pinnacle Live and AVMS' relationships and experience will serve to offer choice and a more streamlined experience within the hospitality event technology market. Exciting things are in-store for this industry as the newly merged company aims to offer more options and modernize the event technology experience.

"We're happy to announce this merger with AVMS," said Eddy Eisenberg, CEO of Pinnacle Live. "The fusion of our two companies allows us to expand our suite of offerings, provide greater resources and solutions for the event industry, and create a home for team members who are passionate about their craft, careers, and the industry at large."

In an industry dominated by a single player, this merger will provide hotels and their customers with a bespoke, scalable option that enables customized experiences. With a combined 200+ unique hotel partnerships throughout North America, the company will deliver unparalleled service and innovative solutions to clients.

"This was a move I worked on for a long time and we are excited to be joining forces with Pinnacle Live," said Hobie Fugate, CEO of AVMS. "We are able to blend the best of what AVMS and Pinnacle Live have to offer - exceptional team members, unique event production expertise and deep commitment and knowledge of the hospitality industry.

The merger will allow for greater investment in R&D and innovation to modernize the event experience, broaden appeal, and provide choice for the marketplace. The merger strengthens the principles that are the core of both companies. AVMS and Pinnacle Live have parallel philosophies - a promise to raise the bar and focus on building relationships among its team members and customers who demand better.

The newly merged company will be uniquely positioned to deliver the latest in event technology solutions to its clients.
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