Luxury Guestroom Safetuck Technology Launched at Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

Four Seasons Flagship Property the First to Install the Safetuck Technology in Their Guestrooms

USA, Los Angeles, California. April 17, 2024

Human Engineering Technologies, LLC based in Los Angeles, California has launched its SafeTuck ™ Luxury Guestroom Bed Platform at the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts' flagship property in Toronto, Canada and at the Four Seasons Las Vegas. This new patented technology enhances the esthetics of luxury properties guestrooms, while also improving the safety and productivity of the guestroom attendants, and the profitability of the properties.

The SafeTuck™ is a highly engineered, relatively thin, flexible platform encased in a shark-skin-like cover, that sits between the mattress and the bed base. It creates a precise 2.25" gap with a 30 degrees slope between the mattress and the bed base. The gap, slope, and shark-skin-like cover enable luxury guestroom attendants to tuck in bed sheets, blankets, duvets, and other coverings under the mattress perfectly each time, every time. They can accomplish this faster and with 85% less effort than before because they never have to lift the mattress!

By using a simple "Push to Tuck" method facilitated by the SafeTuck™, the look and feel of the luxury guest bed approaches perfection. No creases, no bulges, and no stick-outs. The making of luxury beds with the SafeTuck™ is as easy as tucking in a luxury shirt while retaining its sharp, crisp look. Human Engineering Technologies estimates that, when all the factors are considered, installing the SafeTuck™ technology in a luxury property could yield a yearly bottom-line profit of up to $2,500 per room/year.

Tags: guestrooms safety, new technology, luxury properties profitability

About Human Engineering Technologies, LLC

Business Contact:

Adrian Gluck
Human Engineering Technologies, LLC
T: +1 714-335-7268
E: [email protected]

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