West Coast Hotel Architects AXIS/GFA Rebrands as AXIS Architecture + Design

Name Change Includes the Launch of a New Logo and Company Website.

USA, San Francisco, California. May 08, 2024

AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design, the noted and award-winning West Coast hotel, multi-family residential, and affordable housing architectural design firm, today announced its rebrand as AXIS Architecture + Design. The firm's name change launches a new chapter in the company's history, and includes the introduction of a new logo, corporate identity, and new company website.

In recent years, San Francisco-headquartered AXIS/GFA has enjoyed notable growth along the West Coast with the addition of offices in Los Angeles and Seattle; the firm's adoption of a new and refined name further cements that growth, and creates a foundation for the company's continued expansion in the future.

New Corporate Identity Reflects AXIS' Longstanding Company Vision

As part of AXIS' rebrand, the firm's new logo captures the commitment the company makes in its Vision Statement: "Shape the best in humans to shape the best human experiences."

"'Reflecting inwards to reflect outwards' is a mindset that we're extremely excited to be activated by in the years to come," states AXIS CEO and Founding Principal Architect, Cory Creath. "By looking inwards, and nurturing the exceptional talent and creativity on our team, AXIS is empowered to reflect that passion outwards by designing inspiring spaces and communities on our clients' behalves."

Embodying that notion of reflection, AXIS' new logo features mirrored chevrons overlapping at its crux, elegantly capturing the impact inward contemplation can have when reflected outwards with purpose.

New Website and Domain Launched to Celebrate AXIS' Rebrand

As one of the most immediately visible expressions of AXIS' new brand and identity, the firm also proudly announced the launch of a new website and URL; now available at www.axisarchitecture.com, AXIS Architecture + Design's new website features an elegantly updated sophisticated style matching the company's modernized corporate identity, and prioritizes AXIS' project imagery as the focus of visitors' experiences.

For more on the firm's name change, and to experience the AXIS Architecture + Design rebrand, visit the company's new website at www.axisarchitecture.com.

AXIS/GFA is now AXIS Architecture + Design
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About AXIS Architecture + Design

Business Contact:

Cory Creath
Founding Principal Architect
AXIS Architecture + Design
T: +1 415-371-1400
E: [email protected]
W: https://axisarchitecture.com/

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